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Get to Know The Brand

Summers in Montana are so short. Most of us plow through the cold season for the reward of a Rocky Mountain Summer – the smell of lilacs and cut grass, amazingly sunny blue skies and outdoor adventures.


Years ago in our high school and college days, my sister Jessica and I used to camp quite a bit throughout the various mountain ranges around Bozeman, Montana. We would hike in, set up an...
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A few days before Christmas, a friend asked if I would like to join her on her upcoming trip to Dubai and Oman.  Admittedly, I could not find them on a map at the time, but said "Yes!".  Any vacation would be a great vacation and I was ready after 10 solid years of working hard. 
Over the next few months, I read books, watched YouTube and hesitantly listened to the news about the Middle East. I was...
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Although most of my writings are dedicated to alpaca care taking and husbandry, I thought our brief encounter last night with the wilds of Montana is worth a quick note.

Sitting at the neighbor's house enjoying coffee, we heard a high pitched shrill and dogs barking, their nails frantically clicking the pavement in pursuit of their prey. Our neighbor opened the door to barking as a relatively large...
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