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Alpaca Dryer Balls

Natural White

The natural, earth-friendly way to do laundry.

Balls are sold in packs of three. We recommend a minimum of 3, and suggest 6 for maximum results.

Stop Using Fabric Sheets - They Are Harmful To Your Health. 

Our all-natural, hypoallergenic alpaca dryer balls are an excellent, environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets for softening clothes and reducing static and wrinkles.

In order to see dryer time reduction, less static, and fewer wrinkles, we recommend a minimum of 3 Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls and suggest that you use 5 or more for full efficiency and benefits. These dryer balls don't merely absorb the moisture from your clothes; they also function as nuclei bouncing around the dryer, distributing the heat, and opening up your garments so they last long longer without heat damage. Join the Alpaca Revolution®️!

Balls are not sold individually. 

Available in white and gray at this time
  • Hypoallergenic: Specialty dye-free, chemical-free fiber to keep skin happy. Recent studies show dryer sheets are full of chemicals and can be harmful and detrimental to health.  Dryer sheets are not needed with dryer balls, so no more chemicals on your skin and clothes. Perfect for babies & sensitive skin.
  • Fabric: 100% Alpaca. No Fillers.

  • Color: White, Gray

  • Directions: Put in washing machine on hot water cycle with light colored clothes or by themselves.  Then put in dryer with light colored clothes. This will set the felted alpaca laundry ball to eliminate shedding.  Continue to keep in dryer with every load of laundry. 

  • Softens clothes: Reduces static, eliminates wrinkles.

  • Environmentally friendly: No more chemicals on your skin from dryer sheets. No dyes added—all natural Alpaca colors. Unlike dryer sheets that continually need to be thrown away after every use, our alpaca dryer balls help you save money and reduce waste. They last years and years. Go green and save at the same time.

  • Built to Last: Reusable hundreds and hundreds of times. Designed for durability and endurance, lasting virtually a lifetime.

  • Essential Oils: Use as an added benefit. Enjoy your favorite aromas as well as the luxury of soft, wrinkle-free, dry laundry!

  • How they work: Click Here for Additional Information

Instead of the wet clothes remaining in a clump / ball and drying from the outside in, the dryer balls bounce around inside the dryer drum, separating the various items and creating loft between the clothes for better air flow and quicker drying.  This decreases your costs in electricity (or gas) by reducing the time needed to run the machine by up to 35% depending on your machine. 

 Do not settle for inferior versions of dryer balls. These are often:

  • Smaller: Not as efficient as our larger size balls. Smaller balls cannot store heat the same way our larger size balls do. The larger size allows built-up heat to be distributed continuously throughout the drying cycle.

  • Plastic: Chemicals against your skin.

  • Sheep Wool: Itchy, scratchy, and not as absorbent.

  • Contain fillers: Our balls are all pure alpaca. Alpaca is more breathable and absorbent, shortening drying time.

As these are handmade, colors and sizes may vary.  Shape may also vary - including oblong and oval. Shape has no impact on the function of the drying your laundry.

*The dryer balls vary in size but they are approximately 3 ounces in weight, about 9 inches in circumference and 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

* Instruction card is included with each order.

Customer Reviews

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Camille Wynn
Alpacas r alrightas

Alpaca dryer balls literally saved my skin ..I have sensitive skin tried just about everything . Then I tried the alpaca dry balls amazing clothes came out as soft as a every like new thank you alpacas your alrightas 🙂

Patricia Heaphy
Update on purchase

I’m moving to an assisted living facility on April 2nd so my belongings are packed and the Alpaca dryer balls are packed too. The delivery of my order was timely and I’m looking forward to using them. I also appreciate the advice on the proper method and use of the dryer balls. .

Please use only my first name. Thank you, Patricia

Susan S
Are more long lasting than sheep wool dryer balls I had

The alpaca dryer balls appear to be longer lasting that the sheep wool dryer balls I had been using. These balls are definitely more ecological than the dryer sheets and just as effective.


Very happy with my purchase. These are very high quality, soft, and do a great job replacing fabric softener. Can’t wait to try the essential oils. I don’t find them to be very loud at all. Highly recommend.

Patricia Baggarly

I had one I had previously purchased, so I am happier with four of the dryer balls. It works well on all my clothes except my 100% nylon underwear.

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