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Alpacas of Montana is our name, eco-friendly is our game.

Companies throw around terms like "sustainable" and "eco-friendly" so often that it can be hard to really understand what those terms mean, and even harder to know how businesses are matching their actions and words. We believe in being transparent and clear with our customers, partners and community and that includes dissecting the buzzwords so they actually mean something. When we say sustainable and eco-friendly this is what we mean:
Sustainable: not taking more than can be returned or regrown efficiently – the ability to be used without depletion or destruction of a resource and ensuring that all of the generations to come will have access to the same level of resources.
Eco-Friendly: no harm to the planet, the animals or the people of it.

Our Environmental Statement

Having a sustainable business with ethical product sourcing and eco-friendly products is a top priority to us. We believe reducing our carbon footprint is a community responsibility and effort. We never use chemicals or toxic dyes on our products and we use every single ounce of fiber for something, ensuring no waste. We are predator friendly and always use best practices with regard to the world, the animals and the people of it.

About Our Farm

Predator Friendly:
We never harm in any way or kill any of the animals that may wander onto our premises. We utilize guard dogs and llamas to keep our alpacas safe, but never place another animal in danger.

Utilizes a Limited Waste Model:
We use every last bit of fiber from our farm in our products, recycle, utilize solar energy for the farm and office, have a closed off water system so we don't waste any water and use all of our alpacas' dropping as fertilizer. 

The vast majority of our products are biodegradable, we utilize composting best practices across the farm and at our offices and believe in reusing and repurposing everything we can whenever it is possible.

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