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Benefits of Alpaca Fiber

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Top fashion companies across the industry all drew the same conclusion after a bevy of recent studies. Our fleeces, athletic wear and leggings release micro-plastic fibers when washed, and these micro-plastics, which are too small to filter out of the wash, end up in the ocean being consumed by marine life and ultimately, by us. We must, they realized, find alternatives.
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Alpaca is the most eco-friendly natural fiber, but what does this actually mean? In this blog we discuss how Alpacas of Montana is doing our part to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company and what that means. Read now!
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Superwashing sheep's wool for product creation is destroying the earth by releasing toxic chemicals into the environment through the manufacturing process. Read now about why alpaca fiber is better for your health and the health of the plant.
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What is the definition of Superwash?

Some clothing lines of wool are now being promoted as “superwashed” for next-to-skin capabilities by removing the wool’s lanolin and barbs.  According to Textile Chemicals: Environmental Data and Facts, the superwashed wool is treated with synthetic resins (polyamide / epichlorohydrine or polyurethane), a method that can include such chemicals as chlorine and hypochlorous acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, alkali metal salts of dichloroisocyanuric acid (DCCA) and an acid-stable wetting agent. The chlorination process for wool has lead to enormous environmental problems.  

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Why do people in so many countries call alpacas “The world’s finest livestock business?” For any business asset to be valuable, it must possess certain qualities that make it desirable. Gold is scarce, real estate provides shelter, oil produces energy, bonds earn interest, stocks are supposed to increase in value, and diamonds symbolize love. Alpacas share many of these same attributes.
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What Makes Alpaca Fiber Unique
In a world growing weary of synthetic materials and enthusiastically turning toward eco-friendly options, alpaca fiber offers an opportunity for consumers to wear warm, durable, soft, natural garments.

From high in the Peruvian Andes comes one of the finest and most luxurious fibers in the world: Alpaca. Once reserved for Inca royalty, the fleece is silky against the...
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