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Alpaca Husbandry

A diagram how to read and understand an alpaca registration (ARI) certificate.  Learn an alpaca's lineage, ownership history and color genetics. The Alpaca Registry (ARI) recognizes 16 different color as well as 8 additional classes that are not actual colors broken into separate categories for shows. Alpacas can be a singular, solid color and multiple colors, with primary and secondary colors mixed in within their fiber.
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Alpaca products are expensive. In this blog we highlight why alpaca is as expensive as it is compared to sheep wool.
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You're camping alone in the woods and find the love of your life. Lucky for you, this love is always warm, ready to help any minute and are there whenever you roll over in the morning. Fall in love with alpaca!
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Being a predator friendly friend comes with the risk of the occasional attack. Recently, James' and Sarah's neighbor experienced an attack on his sheep, while an Alpacas of Montana alpaca was also attacked. Read to learn about how the guard dogs, Chile, Hazel and Finn, saved the alpaca and why it's so important to have guard animals!
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The Alpacas of Montana 2020 Open House is cancelled, but we are SO excited for all of the new additions to our 2021 Open House!
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We are a couple of weeks away from shearing and our alpaca crew is getting HOT! So, we spray them down with some nice cool water to keep them comfortable until their coats can come off (alpacas do not shed). Not everyone wants to get sprayed...but look out for the ones who do!


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