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Our private alpaca tours are by appointment only. Please select "Book Now" button above to see available times. Children 5 years and younger are admitted for free, for parties more than 10, please contact us for availability.

Full refunds are available if canceled with 24 hours advance notice. Please contact us at for any additional questions including cancellation and rescheduling requests, or if you have a special booking request.

Alpaca & Llama Private Farm Experience

Number of Guests

What To Expect:

Alpacas of Montana is a textile company that raises their own herd of alpacas in Bozeman, Montana. Our 45-minute private hands-on farm tours provide an experience to get up close and personal with our alpacas and llamas. Our private tours allow our tour guide to give a customized experience just for you! You'll get to feed them their favorite treats, learn how to catch and halter them for walks, help give them a bath on warm days, and depending on the time of year, visit with our alpaca moms and crias (babies)! Babies are born throughout the summer. 

Alpacas come in all colors and personalities. You will learn why these amazing, unique camelids have been partnered with humans for thousands of years and learn the difference between alpacas and llamas. 

Take lots of photos during your time on the farm and with your favorite alpaca (don't forget to tag us on social media). At the end of your tour, you'll get to pick out a keychain or sticker souvenir to remember your visit with us!

Please wear closed toed shoes and make sure to put on sunscreen as we will be outdoors for the entirety of the tour. Additionally, bring water and note there is not a public restroom on site. Please remember this is a full-time working farm, so you may see alpacas breeding, live births, etc. and always watch your step! 

Who You Will Meet:

Along with alpacas and llamas, you will meet our three Turkish Anatolian Guard Dogs, Chili, Hazel, and Finn, they are litter-mates and best friends! Our chickens and horses (seasonal) love welcoming our visitors and will always take some extra treats too! We have ground squirrels, deer, bald eagles (binoculars may be needed), and of course our cat, Jill, will occasionally make a special appearance. 

Customer Reviews

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Sarah A Smith
Great pre-k trip!

We took a class of 9 students and every one had so much fun. All of the animals were very friendly and our guides were superb. We will 100% be back!

Bailey Yokoyama

Hands down one of the coolest experiences. ANNIE is THE BEST guide, the sweetest soul, and incredibly passionate about what she does. She really takes care of all of the animals on the farm & especially takes care of those who are visiting/touring. There were 8 adults and a 15-month-old in our group. We ALL got to feed the alpacas & llamas. We ALL got to hug & kiss some of the alpacas (yes, my 15-month-old gave one a kiss on the nose). It was so sweet. Annie makes sure we are educated before interacting with any of the animals including their dogs who are truly wonderful. You will not regret taking this tour. MAKE SURE TO TIP! Annie deserves all the love. We are ALL beyond grateful for this experience.

Best Farm Tour!

We all had the BEST time yesterday with you! So grateful a friend of mine recommended it! It was one of the coolest experiences we’ve all had. You made our trip, that’s for sure! Thank you for the photos and all the wonderful knowledge you shared with us.

I finally got to live my dream

had such a wonderful time today meeting the apacas, llamas and dogs who are the wonderful animals who make up Alpacas of Montana. If you want to see how Alpacas live and play and learn so many facts about them, than this is the place for you. I have waited almost a lifetime to meet Alpacas and now that I have I do not want to leave Montana. I can cry right now just thinking of leaving in a few days..... I am coming back soon. Im too old to wait years to come back. I want to make Montana my home and Bozeman is beautiful and ideal for me. I am so happy having met all the alpacas today and getting to pet them and feed them, I love them... I honestly am so happy around them. Thank you so much for the best day ever.

Brianna Romano
Incredibly Fun and a great way to celebrate getting engaged! :)

My boyfriend and I live in Bozeman and have driven by the alpaca farm many times on “baby watch”! Our friend from out of town was proposing to his girlfriend that weekend and had heard from us that the farm was close and she was so excited to visit. We decided to surprise her with the tour after the engagement, and I let Annie know that we would be celebrating that day. Annie made sure to make the experience extra special for the engagement and the tour with her felt so authentic. It doesn’t feel “touristy” at all, the animals seem so content and loved, and we loved every minute of interacting with them! They are so curious and have the cutest personalities. Annie is also super knowledgeable so you will learn a lot about the animals, their history, and the farm. She is such a sweet and awesome person, I could have spent the entire day chatting with her. If you are on the fence about visiting- DO IT, it is an incredible experience all around. I would recommend it to anyone living in or visiting Bozeman.

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