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About Our Story

18 years ago, James and Sarah Budd were newly weds looking for a riveting adventure to kick off their lives together. After a series of events that felt a lot like fate, they ended up purchasing several alpacas. They quickly realized that clothing was missing a key niche: alpaca wool. Once they understood what was at their fingertips, they went all in. James and Sarah are so much more than farm and business owners: they’re innovators. They’re pioneers in the alpaca fabric industry. They’ve done what you have to do to be successful: become experts. They can tell you the origin story of alpacas, their anatomy and their social patterns. They’ve crafted such a deep understanding and respect for these animals that translates into their craftsmanship of products and the longevity of the company. Alpacas of Montana leads the textile industry in their commitment to comfort and warmth through the purposeful design of environmentally conscious alpaca products. They’ve built this company on transparency, innovation, and long standing relationships. Employees aren’t just workers, they’re family members (including the 60 alpacas, 3 llamas, 3 anatolian shepherds, boss lady cat, prairie dogs, chickens, and birds on the farm). Welcome to the family, and join us in the alpaca revolution today!

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