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Navigating Extreme Temperatures On Our Farm

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alpacas of montana farm in winter

As the below freezing temperatures descend upon us, we've embarked on a mission to ensure the well-being of our diverse animal family here at Alpacas of Montana. With -34 degrees Fahrenheit nights, daytime lows of -26, and a windchill advisory, our preparations are more crucial than ever.

We have been watching the storm coming for several days and knew it was going to be COLD.Annie, our amazing superstar caretaker, has been meticulously fortifying the barn, sealing every nook to keep the cold out. Coats were then put on our more vulnerable alpaca members, the young and the elderly, while the rest of the gang toughs it out naturally. Last night as the temperatures started plummeting, we promptly ushered our alpacas into the barn for safety.

Amidst the winter challenges, like weaning our babies and ensuring our males and females don't intermix, we've also fortified fences to prevent any "Uh-Oh" pregnancies. Buckets of water and an ample supply of hay were provided, knowing that a well-fed stomach ensures their internal heat generation.

Fun fact: Both Horses and Alpacas need to keep their stomachs full to maintaining a high gut bacteria count, which contributes to microscopic heat generation. Our  horses will consume double the usual amount of food at zero degrees compared to twenty degrees. 

alpacas of montana horse

Last night while temperatures reached -27 degrees outside, our barn stayed at a comfortable 16 degrees... Well, comfortable for an alpaca at least.

As the barn doors swung open this morning, our furry friends eagerly dashed out, demonstrating their resilience. Throughout the day, they can choose between the warm barn and the chilly outdoors, promoting movement for their well-being.

Our chickens in the coop weathered the cold admirably, with temperatures only dipping to a manageable 35 degrees. Our next challenge? Battling the wind and impending snow drifts. When this happens, we carve safe pathways with our trusty skid steer for our alpacas and store visitors.

alpacas of montana chicken

While farm tours are paused for safety, our retail store is open! Brace the cold with our extremely warm alpaca products like the WindStopper Hat, Extreme Warmth Arctic Socks, Granite Peak Expedition Parka, and more. Our shipping team will ensure your orders reach you promptly. We can ship within 24 hours and offer expedited shipping if needed!


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