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What is the Carbon-Neutral Charge?

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At Alpacas of Montana, we're dedicated to providing not just a product, but an experience that aligns with our sustainable values. One question that frequently arises is why we 'upcharge' for carbon-neutral shipping.

What is Carbon-Neutral Shipping?

Carbon-neutral shipping, also referred to as carbon-balanced shipping, involves offsetting the carbon emissions linked to the transportation of goods. It's a fundamental step towards achieving a carbon-neutral footprint in our operations. Our aim is to ensure a complete and sustainable shopping journey for our customers.

How Does Carbon Offsetting Work?

The process of carbon offsetting involves calculating the carbon emissions associated with a shipment. Factors such as the package's weight, distance traveled, and the mode of transportation contribute to this calculation. We then collaborate with certified carbon offsetting projects that work towards environmental preservation and restoration.

The term "Carbon-neutral" refers to practices that, when properly implemented, result in a net-zero amount of carbon dioxide. These offsetting projects are designed to prevent greenhouse gas emissions or sequester these gases from the atmosphere. They often involve initiatives like reforestation or wetland restoration, acting as carbon sinks to counteract emissions.

Supporting Environmental Initiatives

Through partnerships with projects like Cloverly, we offer our customers the choice to add carbon-neutral shipping to their orders. This is always an optional feature and can be easily removed. When a customer opts in, the associated cost is directed through our company and entirely allocated to environmental efforts, focusing on carbon reduction. This directly offsets the carbon impact of the shipment journey to your door.

For a deeper understanding of the specific projects we support, you can explore the list of initiatives sponsored by Cloverly on their project map.

Thank you for your support in our journey towards a more sustainable future!

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