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Plants that are Poisonous to Alpacas

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Plants that are Poisonous to Alpacas

When I started putting a list together of plants toxic to alpacas, I was amazed that any of our animals are still alive!

While there are a lot of plants on this list, it is not exhaustive.  Please speak with your veterinarian in your area to discuss other potentially toxic plants to alpacas.

Aconite Doll's Eyes Oxalis
Acorns   Drymary Pacific Poison Oak
African rue Dumb cane Pasque flower
Agave Lechuguilla Easter Lillies Philodendron
Amaryllis Eggplant Pin Cherry  
Arrow Grass   Elderberry   Podocarpus
Autumn crocus   Elephant ears Poinciana
Avocado English Holly Poinsettia
Azalea English Ivy Poision Hemlock
Bagpod Eucalyptus Poison ivy
Baneberry Eyebane Poison Oak
Barberry False hellebore Poison suckleys
Bear grass   Fiddleneck Poison sumac
Belladonna Firecracker Pokeweed
Bellyache-bush Foxglove Poppy
Big sagebrush, Foxtails Potato plant  
Bird of Paradise Geranium Pothos
Bitter weed Gingko Tree Prince's plume
Bittersweet Golden chain (shower) tree Privet  
Black laurel  Greasewood Pyrocantha 
Black locust Groundsel Ragwort
Black Snakeroot  Gum weed Rattlebox
Black Walnut Halogeton glomeratus Rattleweed
Bladder pod Hemlock Rayless goldenrod
Bleeding heart   Hemp Rhododendron
BLISTER BEETLES Henbane   Rhubarb
Bloodroot Holly berry Rock Poppy
Blue Cohosh Horse Chestnut Rubberweed 
Blue Flag Horsebrush Russian thistle
Box - (Blue-Green Algae) Horsenettle Rusty-Leaf
Boxwood Hyacinth Rye Grass
Bracken fern   Hydrangea blossom  Sand Begonia
Broccoli Indian Hemp  Sandberg Bluegrass
Broom Corn Indian Poke Sandcorn
Broom snakeweed Ink weed Senecio
Brussel Sprouts Inkberry Sesbane
Buckeyes Iris Sesbania
Buckwheat   Ivy bush Silverling
Buffalo Burr Jack-in-the-pulpit Skunk cabbage
Bur sage Jequirity bean Snakeberry
Burroweed  Jerusalem cherry Sneezeweed
Buttercups   Jimsonweed Snow-on-the-mountain
Butterfly weed   Johnson Grass Sorghum
Cabbage Jonquil Spathe Flower
Calamondin orange tree   Juniper  Spindle Tree
Calla lily   Kale Spurges 
Camas lily   Klamath weed  St. Johnswort
Carnation   Labrador Tea Stagger Grass
Castor bean   Laburnum Star Lily 
Cat claw Lantana Star of Bethlehem
Celandine Larkspurs Stinging Nettles
Cheatgrass Laurel   String of pearls
Cherry Leopard Bane Tansy ragwort 
Chinaberry   Lillies Thornapple
Chokecherry  Lily of the Valley Thornapple  
Christmas cherry Lima Beans Tobacco Tree 
Christmas rose Lobelia Tobacco 
Cocklebur Locoweed Tomato leaves  
Coffeeweed Lupine Trumpet Vine 
Corn Lily Manchineel Tulip
Cowbane Mandrake UREA
Cowslip Maple - Red Velvet Grass
Cress   Marijuana Vetch
Crocus Mayapple   Violet Seeds 
Crotalaria Mescal bean Walnut
Crow poison  Mesquite Water hemlock  
Crowfoot Milkweed Western Wheatgrass
Crown of Thorns Mistletoe White Cohosh
Crucifers Monensin White Hellebore
Crucifers  Monkshood White Ragweed  
Curlycup Gumweed. Morning glory  White snakeroot
Cyclamen  Mountain Laurel Wild Black Cherry
Daffodil Mountain mahogany Wild carrots
Daisy Mushrooms Wild Cherry
Daphne Mustards Wild Cucumber
Deadly Nightshade (Belladonna)   MYCOTOXINS and MOLDS Wild Parsnip
Deathcamas   Narcissus  Wild Peas
Devils ivy Needlepoint ivy Wild Plums
Devils Weed Nightshade (black) berry   Wisteria
Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane) Oak Wolfsbane
Dock Oak Brush (shrub) Yellow Flag
Dogbane Oak tree   Yellow Jasmine
Dogtooth Lilly Oleander   Yellow Jessamine
Onions Yew tree


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