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A Night Out...and Yet Still With The Alpacas...

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A friend decided to initiate her new wood stove pizza oven last night, and I was asked to join them. With a dozen people invited, we all stowed away in the shaded alcove, protected from the blazing 96 F heat on a June Montana evening. Initially I did not know anyone at the party, introducing myself with a repeated smile and handshake. And yet, with 12 other people at the party, every one of them knew me as “the alpaca lady” and / or Grizzly’s mom. 
Even when you are away from the alpacas, they are still with you.
Sometimes, working 24-7 with my husband at home with my alpacas, I just want to get away, sip my margarita and enjoy the sunset over the horizonBridger Mountains. But the rest of the group wanted to talk about alpacas, so I did. Many of them asked the same questions I had heard hundreds of times before “how long do they live”…”how about the babies”…”what do you do with the fleece”.  True, every once in a while I get tired of it. And yet, how many people are really enthused about your job – including yourself? 
I am passionate about the alpacas. It shows in my farm visits, in my care for the cria and, hopefully, in my writing. I do love talking about them and people who have alpacas love talking about alpacas. I would imagine it is much the same as parents talking about their kids cute little antics. “And then, one day, they did the funniest thing…” But, the questions keep coming, a curious expression on their faces and I give them tidbits of my day and how I unloaded 7 tons of hay today as part of my afternoon chores.
And once again I am humbled and reminded of my great alpaca lifestyle. It is far from perfect, easy or non-messy for that matter, but enjoyable none the less. It's fun to have others see a glimpse into the alpaca world, even if we are both miles away from the fields.

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