Live cam - Alpacas of Montana


Who, What, Where

Our alpacas are separated according to herd requirements. In the main barn and outside camera are the llamas and ladies. Some pregnant, some not pregnant. Llamas and alpacas can interbreed, so all male llamas are castrated. In the evening the camera shows the interior main barn. In the lower left corner are now the babies (cria). They are being weaned and we will start halter training them in a couple of weeks.  That is always entertaining so keep checking back to watch training weekend! They will be there through May until shearing and then put into Boys and Girl main herds. In the upper left pen in the barn are our older males. Usually, we tend to keep all the boys together in general   however, this crew is 15-17 years old and they are tired of the younger (1-4 year olds) messing with them (playing, running around, being pesky) so we have them in a separate pen to hang out. On the Right side of the screen are the young boys (1-7 years old) that do have their own barns in their own pasture, but like to socialize with the other alpaca ladies and llamas on occasion. All of these herds can come and go as they please into or out of the main barn. 

We separate all girls from all boys because alpacas are induced ovulators. In short, the female can become pregnant within 5 minutes of being in the same pen as a male any time of the year. So, we breed our ladies and gents in June through August for a 11.5 month gestation, having our babies be born June through August of the next year.