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Meet the 2023 Babies

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Baby season is HERE!

Stay tuned for all of the updates as our babies are born we will be adding photos and updates throughout the summer!

Clover: Born April 4, 2023
Mom: Holly
Dad: Bridger

Holly was found as a "wild" alpaca in the National Forest near Waterloo, MT. No one in town knew how the herd of llamas got there but they knew they needed help. Enter James and Sarah to save the day! This herd was very skittish but James and Sarah were able to catch them and bring them home to Alpacas of Montana. Holly was familiar with haltering so we knew she had seen a halter before but none of them had been shorn in years so they were as wide as they were long! Their fleece was totally felted and had tons of debris stuck in it (rocks, wire, sticks, etc) so once they were shorn they didn’t recognize each other! It actually took a few weeks for them to get close enough to smell each other and realize who they all were. We have trained them to be more socialized and comfortable with us but have chosen not to handle them too much and let them do their own thing. Montana Llama Guides is a professional llama packing business here in town owned by Dennis Dueñas. We took Holly over to Dennis’ farm to breed with one of his males, Bridger because our llamas are getting a bit older so we want to breed a new generation to continue protecting our alpacas. We’ve never had a llama baby and we are so excited about Clover joining our AOM family and watching her learn and grow up!

Baby Boy: Born May 28, 2023

Mom: Zuma

Dad: Argus

You may be thinking, Argus was busy last year (yes, he was)! We like to breed Argus because he is genetically sound, and always produces very mild manner, sweet babies with high quality fiber that we can then use to make into yarn for our Made in Montana products! Zuma hasn't had a baby in quite some time and she was born on our farm too so we are so excited to welcome another mini Zuma into our herd!

Asher: Born May 29, 2023

Mom: Celestina

Dad: Argus

Asher was waiting for the perfect sunny day as he was 8 days late! We have a feeling he is going to like being the center of attention and was born right when one of our summer farm tours started! The visiting family was so excited and got to help deliver him and clean him off! Celestina has had a few babies in the past and because of her color, a neutral light fawn, her babies generally take on the color of the dads while having good consistent quality fiber. She is a calm and confident lady and extends that to her kids as well so we are excited to welcome another Celestina baby into the herd!

Chica Sabrina, Due May 24, 2023, bred to Argus or Pete

Chica Sabrina is the daughter of Jack Sparrow and granddaughter of Nakoda and Rainier Grey who, back in the day, was the most bred male in the country! We bred Chica Sabrina twice to two separate males because during breeding, it can be hard to tell if the breeding took and was successful. The females will sit down and allow the males to mount them and usually if a female is pregnant, they will spit at the male if he tries to mount her. In this case, Chica Sabrina didn't spit during the second breeding so she may not have been pregnant. Luckily, Argus and Pete are opposite colors so when Chica's baby is born we should have a pretty good idea who dad is!


More babies to come:

Lulu, Due June 19, 2023, bred to Shakespeare

Valentine, Due June 23, 2023, bred to Shakespeare

Luna, Due June 25, 2023, bred to Pete

Arial, Due July 11, 2023, bred to Shakespeare

Margo, Due July 23, 2023, bred to Out Of Sight

Ripley, Due August 5, 2023, bred to Shakespeare

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