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Our Latest Rescue: Meet Pisco

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Meet Pisco, the newest addition to Alpacas Of Montana, and the latest chapter in our ongoing mission to provide care and compassion to these incredible animals.

Our Newest Rescue: Pisco

Pisco's story began with good intentions—an alpaca purchased by a family with dreams of starting their own farm. However, life took an unexpected turn, and they found themselves in a situation beyond their control and they could no longer properly care for the alpacas.

When the owner reached out to us, facing the difficult decision of either finding a new home for her alpacas or considering euthanasia, we stepped in. Pisco, among them, arrived at our farm in need of immediate attention.

Named after the Peruvian drink Pisco Sour, our new friend faced challenges due to neglect. Malnutrition had stunted Pisco's growth; at over two years old, he is the size of a one-year-old alpaca, and a lack of proper care had left him with various health issues. A thorough examination revealed Pisco was dealing with three different intestinal parasites, robbing him of essential nutrients and affecting his overall well-being.

We jumped into action, implementing a targeted treatment plan involving antibiotics, vitamin B12, and a broad-spectrum oral dewormer. This regimen is unique to alpacas, given their three-chambered stomach, demanding ongoing care to ensure the parasites are eradicated. Pisco's journey also involved overcoming a broken leg, which improperly healed, leaving him with his left front toes pointing severely outward. Improper care left his coat ragged, but his fiber remains remarkably soft, fine, and dense! Since we only shear them once a year, we will be able to start using his fiber in our Made In Montana collection in the Fall/Winter of 2025. In addition to these physical challenges, he arrived with a tight halter that hadn't been removed in years, cutting into his skin. Seeds and twigs were entangled underneath, creating wounds on his nose – as he was growing, and the halter was become extremely tight.

Despite these challenges, Pisco has become part of our herd. His recovery isn't just physical; it's also a journey toward trust and companionship. Shy and untrusting of humans at the moment. He is super sweet – Annie, our caretaker, is looking forward to spending time with him and familiarizing him with our team and herd. He will begin halter training in a few months to learn how to walk on a lead, lift up his toes to get them trimmed, and interact with other humans and alpacas.

Pisco is now part of our family, and we are 100% committed to providing him with the care and attention he deserves. Stay tuned to hear more about updates in Pisco's recovery!

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