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Keep Yourself and the Planet Cool This Summer

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We believe in our purposely designed alpaca wool products and want you to as well. In this blog we’re aiming to show you: why alpaca fiber is the most sustainable natural fiber, how our purposely designed alpaca products keep you just the right temperate in the warmer months and why shopping with Alpacas of Montana will help keep both you and the planet cool this summer. 

Keeping the planet cool:

Alpaca is the most  sustainable natural fiber. Merino Wool requiressuperwashing, Polyester releases micro plastics and cotton uses excessive amounts of water. 

Alpacas are minimally impacting to the environment. They have soft, non-erosion promoting feet, produce exceptionally nutrient dense fertilizer, promote plant regrowth and utilizing their fleece requires no harsh chemicals or dyes. 

alpacas and llamas walking in the green grass

Our farm is predator friendly and governs under a minimal waste methodology. We compost, reuse and recycle as much as possible. We also are transitioning into using entirely recycled and recyclable packaging that utilizes algae as ink so we aren’t putting any additional chemicals or toxins into the ecosystem. 

Keeping you cool: 

Alpaca Fiber consists of hollow tubes, which means that the fiber itself can’t and won’t absorb moisture. Instead, it sheds the heat and pushes the moisture away. When heat comes off of your body, it works as an engine to push the moisture molecules to the exterior of the garment through the hollow fibers meaning that it won’t become saturated, heavy or stay wet. Merino Wool on the other hand, has air pockets in its fiber, which gives it its thermal capacity, but also the ability to absorb up to 50% of its weight in moisture (usually sweat). Since Merino Wool absorbs the moisture, the heat is trapped in the garment and, therefore, trapped against your body. Because Alpaca Fiber pushes the moisture and the heat away, alpaca products are fabulous at thermal regulating in the summer to keep you cool during all of your endeavors. 

Our patented Alpaca Dry Fusion Technology also passed many rigorous tests to be deemed antimicrobial by the U.S. government, which means that even if you wear the alpaca wool products in the heat of the summer they will stay stink free much longer than any other products on the market. 

two people sitting in an orange tent with alpaca wool products on

Doing the best for both you and the planet:

Having a sustainable business with ethical product sourcing and eco-friendly products is a top priority to us. We believe reducing our carbon footprint is a community responsibility and effort. We never use chemicals or toxic dyes on our products and we use every single ounce of the fiber for something, ensuring no waste. We are predator friendly and always use best practices with regard to the world, the animals and the people of it.Alpaca fiber is naturally  hypoallergenic,  antimicrobialeco-friendly (never requires super-washing or harsh dyes) and wicks moisture off of your body at an 85% greater rate than Merino Wool. Do yourself and the planet a favor by shopping our sustainable and purposely designed alpaca products to keep yourself and the planet cool this summer. 


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