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Alpaca Feed

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Alpaca Feed

Due to their size and efficiency, an alpaca farm may keep as many as five to 10 alpacas per acre, assuming there is good forage available. This greatly depends on your regional climate and if you have the ability to irrigate. In colder climates, the herd will need to be fed during the winter. Based on 6 months of feeding, each alpaca will need approximately 1/3 to 1/2 ton of hay per year.  We feed our weanlings and pregnant females second cut 14-16% alfalfa/ grass hay while the boys general eat 8-10% protein grass hay. Free choice mineral supplements are also essential for the health of the herd.  They should not be given a sheep salt blocks due to the selenium. Grain is suggested only for the coldest weather, as too much increases the acidity in their stomach.  Also, because this is a new world camelid and pellets are a highly processed grain, most of the nutrition will not be utilized within their digestive system. Feeders should be low to the ground to minimize fleece contamination. Simple box feeders or heavy duty garden carts are often sufficient. 

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