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Alpaca Detox - Loving Raising Alpacas Even in the Craziest of Times

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Today was crazy busy at work, evening though it was Saturday.  It started at 5 AM, waking up my husband to send him on his way fishing over the next few days.  Then, onto the horses, feeding, moving a couple of herds of alpacas into various pastures, then onto paperwork.  I met with several groups of clients, travelling 183 miles in the course 14 hours, then back to paperwork. By the time it was 8 PM I was exhausted.

Again, back to feed the horses.  Then, as I walked through the alpaca herds, my pace began to slow, my body relaxing as I made sure everyone had made it without me for the day.  Eventually, I just sat down on the grass in the middle of a pasture, the late Spring sun still hovering over the mountains.  Alpacas, sensing the calmness and easing in the dusk as well, began to come over to say hello.  Some, strictly nuzzled in my coat pockets for treats and then moved on when they did not find pellets. But others were genuinely glad to see me, coming up to rub on my shoulder, one resting her head on top of mine briefly.  My neighbors probably think I am equivalent to a crazy cat lady, but alpacas are the best part of my day.  The best part of my job.  The work is in marketing, websites and creating the textiles.  Alpacas are the bonus - the reason - that I love my job.

Eventually the ground became too hard and I moved to the swinging chair we have set out in the pasture.  The sun eclipsed the distant hills as I sat on the welcoming cushions.  Our Anatolian Grizzly jumped up next to me, having timed his leap onto the gently swinging bench so as not to loose his balance and tumble backwards.  He offered his head, and then his belly.  But when I was slow to deliver many scratches from my exhaustion, he simply placed his head on my lap, content to have my arm around his shoulders.  We swayed back and forth gently.  The only sounds was the faint crunch of alpaca mouths enjoying newly sprouting grass.

I love my alpacas...

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