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See what we are all about - a vertically integrated company creating products born, shorn and worn in the U.S.

Alpaca vs Wool

Pete Plays Basketball

Rosa is Pure Cuteness

Baby Alpaca Rosa

Alpaca Wool Socks For Every Moment

Alpaca Way of Life

Alpaca Open House

Adventure Walking / Hiking Socks - Wicking, Breathing, Comfortable

Grow with Google - Alpacas of Montana Receiving an award for growth and innovation of the company

Winter Morning

Snowshoeing in Bridger Canyon

Skiing at Showdown

A Cozy Day In

The Cold Weather System

Meet The Alpacas - Why Alpaca Dry Fusion Exceeds Other Natural Fibers

Cure Stinky Feet

Alpacas Of Montana Open House

Why Alpaca is the Smart Future for Australia

Swift Wicking Alpaca Running Socks

Alpaca Wool Base Layer Pullover

MidCrew Alpaca Wool Socks

Alpaca Wool Luxury Shawls

Alpaca Wool Mid Layer Pullover

Felted Sole Inserts for Boots & Shoes

Maximum Warmth Alpaca Socks

Ski & Snowboard Over-the-Calf Socks

Urbanite Alpaca Cozy Socks

Fabric Softening Alpaca Laundry Dryer Balls

Extreme Warmth WindStopper Hat - The Warmest Hat Ever!

Classic Crew Alpaca Dress Socks - From Classic Black to Funky town Designs

Adventure Walking / Hiking Socks - Wicking, Breathing, Comfortable

Warm, Winter Extra Cushion Alpaca Boot Socks

Therapeutic Tall Knee Socks for Diabetes, Cold Feet & Sensitive Skin

Warm Arctic Over-the-Calf Alpaca Boot Socks

Newborn alpaca steals the show at Alpacas of Montana open house

Bozeman's Alpacas Of Montana holding #NameTheBabyAlpaca contest

Alpacas of Montana v3

Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2019: Announcing dates, nonprofit partner, & sponsorships open!

As winter sets in, its the perfect temperature to wear Alpaca. See a quad-copter's birds-eye view of the Alpaca Farm.

Shearing Alpacas is tough work. We shear in the Spring. It's coordinated chaos - 200+ alpacas in one day.

Each year we have a public Open House, inviting everyone who wants to be up close with an alpaca to visit our farm.

We had a spontaneous combustion baby - definitely a surprise in the middle of January. After the first night was spent sleeping in the garage, Mr. Toughy and his mother Princess Leah are put back in the pasture for the afternoon to meet the other alpaca ladies for the first time. Throughout the next month, they slept in the garage at night and stayed with the other alpacas during the day.

Our Turkish Anatolian Livestock Guard Dogs are a huge part of our farm. We have had 6 different Anatolians over the past decade and cannot say enough good things about them. This is a short video about LGD as a whole and their role on farms across the world.

In the Summer months, the alpacas head to various pastures to rotate feeding.

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Alpaca photos and events over the past 12 years of raising hundreds of alpacas and creating thousands of products on our farm, worn throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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