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The Story Behind The Logo

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Growing up in the Virgin Islands, Owner and Founder of Alpacas Of Montana, James Budd, has always been drawn to bright bold colors. In the early 2000's when James and his wife Sarah started AOM, they went through the seemingly impossible process of choosing a company name and then had to take on the task of designing a logo!

During this time, James pulled colorful inspiration from various other companies but one specific design came to mind. He owned a tshirt that was very old (and didn't even fit him) but he kept it because he always loved the logo on the front. It featured a landscape scene with a moose outlined in shades of bright green. When thinking about his own logo, he really wanted to capture what inspires others about Montana: the big, beautiful mountains! He wanted his logo to be a symbol that would be remembered and stick in people's mind after seeing it.

That evening, he and Sarah sat down at their computer and with a clear vision and direction from James, Sarah drew out the logo we now know and love. Featuring our beloved alpaca and beautiful Montana mountain range. It was their first try at creating something and it has stuck ever since!

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