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Keeping Our Alpaca Warm in Sub-Zero Weather

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Bozeman for the last week has been in sub zero temps every single day. The farm even saw windchill temps down below -40F. It’s. Been. Cold. People often ask us how the alpacas stay warm in the depths of Montana winters, so we wanted to share some of our best practices for keeping our animals warm and safe during these supreme cold spells. 

cute alpacas in snow with bridger mountains behind them

We make sure that they always have lots of food in front of them to keep their internal engines running. 

woman kneeling and feeding brown alpaca in snow

Any of our older alpacas or those who we know tend to get colder wear blankets whenever it’s chilly out. 

cute brown alpaca in snow

For the coldest nights, we put up a divider between the boys and girls and lock all of the alpacas and llamas in the barn. With all of the animals in one place, the temperature in the barn is usually 20 - 30 degrees warmer than it is outside. A few nights ago it was -20F outside without a windchill, but it was 21F in the barn. And luckily for the alpacas, they’re wearing big alpaca coats, so they stay pretty cozy. 

two women walking in snow with herd of alpacas

When the alpacas and llamas are safely in the barn, we bring the dogs inside to stay cozy.

anatolian shepherd guard dog walking in snow

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