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Snowmass Sterling Silver - Herdsire

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Snowmass Sterling Silver - Herdsire

ARI # 830290

Date of Birth: September 24, 2001

Sire: Snowmass Peruvian Casanova

Sire: Peruvian Bueno G173

Dam: Peruvian Angelique

Dam: Panam’s Chilean Rose


2002: 18.6  4.0  21.5  1.3                      

2003: 19.4  4.2  21.4  2.4                         

2004: 20.0  4.6  23.0  3.5                         

2005: 22.8  5.3  23.1  8.8  CURV 45.3      

2006: GRID  21.6  5.1  23.3  6.6            

2007: GRID  23.1  5.0  21.8  8.0

Snowmass Sterling Silver - Herdsire

There has never been a more important Grey line than this one. For all that have seen and judged this male he has been represented as the IDEAL in grey alpaca production. In 2002, AWE had a seminar in conjunction with the AWE show called GOLD OF THE ANDES held by Mike Safely, Maggie Krieger, Julio Sumar, Alonso Burgos and others which placed great emphasis on breeding selection for ELITE end textile results.  They lined up all the Champion alpacas at the end of the show to tie into the seminar as well as the entire show attendance and talked about how and why these males and female Champion alpacas were important in the breeding of elite alpacas.

When it came to Sterling Silver the resounding consensus of all the judges and textile experts was he is simple ONE OF A KIND in all that one would expect in a grey stud. You could not ask for much more.

The evenness of his fineness and the astounding density and uniformity was the best they had ever seen in a grey. If ANYONE was to breed for this color this was the STUD to breed to. His excelled in overall density and fineness comes from his Dam who was purchased from and elite alpaca breeder, Bruce Bar.

This was one of his very best females and had no intention of selling her, but she was eventually sold to Snowmass Alpacas and went on to win the Championship in one of the first international shows Judge by Don Julio Barreda in Spokane, Washington.

We bred her to Snowmass Casanova and the results were extraordinary. Sterling Silver’s production has been produced the finest in both Black and grey. This is an exciting opportunity for the discerning grey breeder if there ever was one. There are so very FEW grey males in the entire world who carry this incredible GREY potential.  He is one of the very few to carry these fiber statistics into his age and have the balance of conformation and gorgeous head of which he stamps into all his cria.


Placing                   Date            Show

First                        May 2003    Alpaca Western Extravaganza – Halter

First                        May 2004    Alpaca Western Extravaganza – Halter

Champion               May 2004    Alpaca Western Extravaganza – Halter

First                        May 2004    Alpaca Western Extravaganza – Fleece

First                        June 2004    AOBA National Halter Show

Second                    May 2005   Alpaca Western Extravaganza – Fleece

First                        June 2005    AOBA National Fleece Show

Offspring Name               Color            DOB          Dam

Prince Coramon                          TB                    8-9-04            Shay

Snowmass Sterling Night             TB                    10-26-04        Snowmass Velvet Night

Snowmass Black Hawk Down    TB                    11-13-04        Lanark’s Perulandra

Snowmass Cartier                       DRG                 6-1-05            Snowmass C Pearl

Snowmass Sterling Star               TB                    6-23-05          4Peruvian Magellan

Snowmass Sterling Sky               MSG                 6-25-05          Snowmass Morning Moon

Snowmass Silver N Gold            MF                    6-27-05          Snowmass Golden Girl

Snowmass Sterling Rose             DRG                 7-11-05          Snowmass Incan Rose

Snowmass Sampsonian               TB                    7-28-05          Shay

Snowmass Black Thunder           TB                    8-25-05          Cienga Creek Christy

Snowmass Somba                      TB                     8-26-05          BBA Sabrina

Grey Skies                                 DSG                  8-26-05          Snowmass Incan Sunlight

Snowmass Silver Dreams           MSG                 9-22-05          Daddy’s Girl DeAncara

Snowmass Blueberry Haze         MSG                 9-25-05          Snowmass Magic’s Mimosa

Snowmass Sterling Joy               DRG                 9-26-05          Snowmass Incan Joy

Snowmass Tiffany                       DSG                 10-15-05        Followill Holly Golightly

SStar’s Silver Rose                    MRG                 12-7-05          Lamark’s Perulandra

Sterling Silver’s Killian               MSG                  5-7-06            Snowmass Forget Me Not

Snowmass Sterling Shadow        LSG                  6-14-06          Shadow’s Velvet

Snowmass Behaven                    TB                    9-16-06          Snowmass Incan Joy

Premier’s Panache                      LB                    10-16-06        Perier’s Cognette

Snowmass Silver Lining              LSG                   7-3-07           Snowmass Nova’s Promise

Snowmass Sterling's Silver's fleece at 2 years old.


Daughter Alpaca Snowmass Sterling Son Daughter
Daughter Snowmass Sterling Son Snowmass Sterling Daughter

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