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Full Skeletal Mount of Princess Leah the alpaca

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About a year ago, we had to put down Princess Leah, a 19 year old alpaca.  We donated her body to the Montana State Veterinary program where they have since put her as a mount and she is utilized in the program for Anatomy, Histology, Oncology, Pathology, Physiology.  Full mounts of alpacas are rare - they are a less studied species and expensive to put together.


We are so happy that she is able to help educate veterinarians and technicians for years to come.

Princess Leah was born in 1998 in Barrhead, Canada, several hours northwest of Edmonton. At the age of 9 she moved to Alpacas of Montana's farm in Bozeman, Montana where she lived to be 19, a relatively old age for an alpaca. She had 8 babies in her lifetime and loved each one dearly. Weaning always came with great difficulty because she was so connected with each of them. She is shown with her 6th baby Calibash in the photos at 2 days old.
Near the end of her life she began to move slower and was unable to keep up with the herd. The full extent of her sickness could not be known until after she passed away. She was loved greatly by all of us.

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