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Farm Services That We Offer

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We offer a variety of services to new and established alpaca farms, including alpaca transport, farm set up, alpaca care, marketing, alpaca investment, alpaca herdsires for breeding, alpaca agisting / alpaca boarding and alpaca shearing.

Being a part of the alpaca industry is much more than just a livestock investment — It is a lifestyle and a passion. Our enthusiasm for alpacas ensures that you receive superior service before, during and after your purchase.  We are with you throughout your development in this industry, from the beginning of your research on.  Alpacas of Montana offers a variety of services to help new and established alpaca owners alike.

Getting Started:

With years of experience, we provide expert advice about thriving as an alpaca breeder and owner, animal care, ranch set-up, marketing, herd management consultation, husbandry and reaching your goals in the alpaca industry. Learn from those already in the industry everything from halter training and trimming toes to building a website and processing your fiber into alpaca clothing.  Alpacas are easy to care for once you understand their specific needs.  We help you learn hands-on ranch management skills to work with and handle your animals by encouraging you to spend a day or an entire weekend helping us care for our alpacas. We find that hands-on training is the best way to learn--and, it will boost your confidence in being able to take care of your own animals once they are at your alpaca farm. We even offer an alpaca business plan to help outline your goals while raising alpacas.


Herdsires & Husbandry:

We have selected top quality herdsires to help further our herd with exceptional fiber production, staple length, coloring, density, conformation and fleece coverage.We continue to add carefully selected elite males to our program to insure that you are acquiring the best and most diverse huacaya genetics possible.  We have 8 outstanding bloodlines to choose from on our farm, including Silver Grey, Rose Grey, Black, Maroon, Beige and Fawn.  Each sire offers different attributes to breed-up the next generation of alpacas.


Farm Set-up:

Each alpaca farm has a unique location and climate, and while alpacas are very adaptable and can live almost anywhere, it is essential to set-up your farm so it works best for you the first time.  Determining the most effective farm and fence configuration is crucial.  We help you design and utilize the best farm layout for your land so you can easily move alpacas from one area to another and maintain your animals safely from outside threats.



Alpacas of Montana provides free transport of any alpacas purchased to your farm.  We also offer transport services near and far from our farm due to alpaca sales, competition showing, herd relocation or any other transport need.  We make sure they are safe and comfortable with minimal stress during their travels. We stop every few hours to check, water and feed. All safety measurements provide you and your alpacas with the security your alpacas will arrive healthy and happy.


Boarding / Agisting:

Alpacas of Montana offers agisting (boarding) services both short-term and long-term.  Some owners are ready to purchase animals and start growing their business but have not yet set-up their land or facilities, while others have found their investment in the alpaca business successful and financially lucrative, but do not want to take on the daily care for the animals.  Every alpaca owner has their own needs and we individualize our services to fit their requirements. We provide boarding and basic maintenance for $3 per day per animal. We provide all the feed and health monitoring, treating your animals as if they were our own.



We do our alpaca shearing once per year in mid- to late May with a hired professional alpaca shearer.  It is important to focus on top quality services not only for obtaining the best alpaca wool cutting from each animal, but also to minimize undue stress on each animal.  We encourage local alpaca breeders to bring their animals to our farm to partake in the shearing process with other local alpaca owners, learn their techniques, share ideas and enjoy some alpaca talk.



To be successful in any business, you need to generate sales through marketing and promoting your farm to let buyers know you have alpacas for sale.  Successful marketing requires a plan. There are countless ways to market and advertise your farm, but creativity and planning are the keys to successful campaigns.  We offer ideas on website design, alpaca marketing and an alpaca business plan to help ensure you focus on your alpaca farming goals and you become as successful as you want to be.   


Join the alpaca revolution! Alpaca is a sustainable alternative that is not only good for the earth, but for all of us. Alpaca wool is stronger, softer, more eco-friendly, and offers 85% greater wicking capability than merino wool. It is also hypoallergenic! Learn more about the benefits of alpaca in our Alpaca vs. Wool blog posts, shop our collections and follow us on social media

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