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Benefits of a Specialized Fertilizer

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Everyone and everything needs food to grow.  Our high quality food gives advanced nutrients to your marijuana plants to flourish and fend off disease and sickness.  Plant fertilizer is based on the N-P-K ratios (Nitrogen – Phosphorous – Potassium) which provides the perfect ratio of nutrients for the plants you are growing.  This is essential for strong, healthy plants.  Green Buddz natural, chemical free alpaca compost and potting soil guarantees the right balance for growing plants.  While the product is completely natural without chemical additives, Green Buddz has performed extensive testing to verify top grade alpaca compost.

 Purple and pink flowers with green leaves in a garden

 The benefits of utilizing a specialized fertilizer include:

  • Green Buddz alpaca compost enables plants to grow big, strong and healthy.
  • With its lower organic content, alpaca compost fertilizer creates rich, dark soil with a higher concentration of advanced nutrients.
  • A balanced fertilizer modifies soil temperature.
  • The correct pH fertilizer increases crop yields and promote healthy, vigorous plant growth.
  • In a greenhouse, nursery, hydroponics, growing indoors or outdoors, alpaca fertilizer can be used as a potting soil mix or liquid fertilizer, adding nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth.
  • As a soil amendment, it improves the texture, porosity and water holding capacity; it also increases the organic content of the soil.  Green Buddz alpaca compost improves physical properties such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. The goal is to provide a better environment for roots.

 Once added to your growing strategy you will have strong, healthy, budding plants.


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