Alpacas and Llamas exploring new Montana pastures - Video - Alpacas of Montana


Alpacas and Llamas exploring new Montana pastures - Video

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Throughout our Montana seasons we need to rotate pastures to accommodate our alpacas and llamas as one field is eaten up after another.  Camelids are ALWAYS excited to explore a new pasture and today was no exception.  The Lucy the Llama checks out the new digs as a livestock protector, as do our three Turkish Anatolian Livestock Guard Dogs Chilli, Finn and Hazel. The 3 month old baby alpacas run up and down the ditch line then across the bridge as the older females focus on the new, fresh grass in the pasture.

We are an alpaca farm with 150 quirky alpacas, 10 enthusiastic employees and thousands of amazing alpaca products. After 15 years of experience, we offer hand crafted alpaca products from local knitters, crocheters and weavers - including hats, scarves, blankets as well as high-tech alpaca socks and fabrics. We also sell composted alpaca manure as a rich fertilizer. Alpacas of Montana is a fully vertically integrated alpaca farm and we love designing high quality alpaca products.


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