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Alpaca Tax Write Off and Depreciation

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Alpacas six year write off

There are several methods of writing alpacas off, beginning with the straight line method which allows you to deduct one-fifth of their cost each year, except the first year, in which the code allows for a prorated write off based on the month of your purchase.

The net result of this method is that it takes six years to write off your alpacas unless you buy them in January. The straight line system can only be used by making an election.

There is also the modified accelerated cost recovery system using 150% declining balance and the half-year or mid-quarter convention (MACRS) which allows animals to be written off as follows: 15% year 1, 25.5% year 2, 17.85% year 3, 16.66% years 4 and 5, and 8.33% year 6. This is an accelerated schedule allowing for a larger percentage of the asset to be written off early.

The MACRS system is the system preferred by the IRS since it does not require an election. Alpacas born at your ranch have no cost basis and cannot be written off, although they may qualify for capital gain treatment on sale. The costs related to financing or interest on your purchase is also deductible. Many people pay cash for their animals so writing off the interest is not an issue.


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