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Alpaca Show Travel Checklist

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Alpaca Show Travel Checklist

I am a list person.  I have found I depend on lists so that I can sleep at night before the "Big Day" comes - be it shearing, travel, shows, open houses, whatever.  So, here is my list of Alpaca Travel necessities:



Fuel Additive Screw Driver
Alpaca Blankets Garbage Bags Show attendance confirmation
Alpaca Cleaning Sticks Gas Signs
Alpaca Combs Halters Small Scissors
AMT shirts Hand Sanitizer Spare Tire / Lift
ARI copies & Health Paperwork Hats Sunglasses
Banners Hay / Straw Table Cloth
Baskets Health Papers Tire Star
Book Heaters Trailer Locks & Keys
Booth Frames Herdsire book Trash Bags
Brochures  Info Box Twine
Buckets Kleenex Velcro
Bungee cords Knife / Cutters / Scissors Wallet
Business Cards Ladder Water
Calculator Lap top Yarn
Camera Lead Ropes Zip Ties
Caribiners Magazines
Cash  Mannequins
CDs Maps
Cell Phone Microchip Injector
Cell Phone Cord Microchip reader
Chairs / Table Microchips
Check Book Order Forms
Clip board  Packaging
Clothes Panels
Cooler Paper
Directions / Map Parts to Sign
Dolly Pellets
Drinks Pens
Duct Tape Price Sheets
Emergency Contact Sign Products
Extension Cord Racks
Extra Batteries Rake / Shovel / Broom
extra blanket Reservations – Hotel, car, plane
Extra Microchip Ropes
Extra Shoes Roving
Flashlight Schedule Sheet
Flashlight Charger Scissors
Fleece bags Scoop

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