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Alpaca Dryer Balls

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Natural White

The natural, earth-friendly way to do laundry.

Balls are sold individually and are $8.00 each. We recommend at least a minimum of 3 and suggest 5 for maximum results.

Stop Using Fabric Sheets - They Are Harmful To Your Health. 

Our all-natural, hypoallergenic alpaca dryer balls are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals or fabric softeners and dryer sheets for softening clothes, reducing static and wrinkles.

In order to see dryer time reduction, less static and fewer wrinkles, we recommend a minimum of 3 Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls and suggest that you use 5 or more for full efficiency and benefits. These dryer balls don't merely absorb the moisture from your clothes, but they function as nuclei bouncing around the dryer distributing the heat and opening up your garments so they last long longer without heat damage. 

Balls are sold individually and are $8.00 each.

Available in white and gray at this time
  • Hypoallergenic: Specialty dye-free, chemical-free fiber to keep skin happy. Recent studies show dryer sheets are full of chemicals and can be harmful and detrimental to health.  Dryer sheets are not needed with dryer balls, so no more chemicals on your skin and clothes. Perfect for babies & sensitive skin.
  • Fabric: 100% Alpaca. No Fillers.

  • Color: White, Gray

  • Directions: Put in washing machine on hot water cycle with light colored clothes or by themselves.  Then put in dryer with light colored clothes. This will set the felted alpaca laundry ball to eliminate shedding.  Continue to keep in dryer with every load of laundry. 

  • Softens clothes: Reduces static, eliminates wrinkles.

  • Environmentally friendly - No more chemicals on your skin from dryer sheets. No dyes added…All natural Alpaca colors. Unlike dryer sheets that continually need to be thrown away after every use, our alpaca dryer balls help you save money and reduce waste. They last years and years. Go green and save at the same time.

  • Built to Last: Reusable hundreds and hundreds of times. Designed for durability and endurance, lasting virtually a lifetime.

  • Essential Oils: Use as an added benefit. Enjoy your favorite aromas as well as the luxury of soft, wrinkle-free, dry laundry!

  • How they work: Click Here for Additional Information

Instead of the wet clothes remaining in a clump / ball and drying from the outside in, the dryer balls bounce around inside the dryer drum, separating the various items and creating loft between the clothes for better air flow and quicker drying.  This decreases your costs in electricity (or gas) by reducing the time needed to run the machine by up to 35% depending on your machine. 

 Do not settle for inferior versions of dryer balls. These are often:

  • Smaller: Not as efficient as our larger size balls. Smaller balls cannot store heat the same way our larger size balls do. The larger size allows built up heat to be distributed continuously throughout the drying cycle.

  • Plastic: Chemicals against your skin.

  • Not made in the US: Ours are 100% handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana.

  • Sheep Wool: Itchy, scratchy and not as absorbent.

  • Contain fillers: Our balls are all pure alpaca. Alpaca is more breathable and absorbent, shortening drying time.

As these are handmade, colors and sizes may vary.  Shape may also vary - including oblong and oval. Shape has no impact on the function of the drying your laundry.

* Approximately softball ball sizeThe dryer balls vary in size but they are approximately 3 ounces in weight, about 9 inches in circumference and 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

* Instruction card is included with each order.

Customer Reviews

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Sustainable and Eco-friendly!

I've been ashamed about the number of dryer sheets made out of synthetic material my household was going through. I discovered with wonderful product and bought 4 right away! I'm glad I took this step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, thank you for making this product!

Dryer balls

These are one of the best laundry products that I have evrr used. There is no need for fabric softener . The clothes dry faster and have fewer wrinkles. I recommend thede to everyone.

Jenell Boyd
First time using these!

I’ve been wanting to try dryer balls for a while and was happy to find alpaca wool as opposed to sheep. I’ve only used them twice but so far they seem to be doing the job.

Mary B.

If I could give 0 stars I would! The pictures shown with the order screens along with ambiguous wording of "sets" of dryer balls leads one to think you are buying this product in sets of 6. As I was informed by their representative that is NOT the case. They believe they have told you twice in your order screens that you are ordering by individual balls not is sets of 6 as it appears. You are ordering these as single balls at the price of 8 dollars each! I was not happy with the misleading advertising. I was less happy with their customer service and the way my problem was handled. They believe they made it "very clear" this was a single line item not a set. I will never buy from this company again. I will TELL ALL my friends and ANYONE who asks me my opinion and suggest they avoid this company as well.

Mary - I can certainly understand your frustration with not receiving what you thought you ordered. As discussed in our correspondence with one another earlier, it does state twice on the first sections / descriptions of the product page that each ball is sold at $8.00 each. Our Alpaca Dryer Balls are heavier and larger than most over companies, 100% alpaca (no fillers) and handmade. We are unable to sell them at $8.00 for three balls (or 6). Again, I apologize for the confusion but are doing our best to be as clear as possible so that our customers can purchase the exact amount they would like - a single ball, three, five or whatever their preference.

Julie B.
Wool dryer balls

This is my second time buying dryer balls. I like them so much that I bought some for my mom & sister. They like them, too! They reduce drying time, fluff towels, & soften fabrics with no chemicals!! I highly recommend.

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