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Alpaca Queen and King Blankets

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As smooth as silk, warmer and lighter than wool, and more durable than cashmere, our amazing alpaca queen and king sized blankets offer warmth without bulk. Made from lofty, comfy boucle alpaca yarn.  Cozy up in bed with a cup of tea, your favorite book and a warm, breathable alpaca blanket. These hypoallergenic, softer than cashmere alpaca blankets are just what you need to complete the bedroom of your dreams.


Material: 87% Baby Alpaca (keeping you warm and cozy), 13% Nylon (minimizes shedding and pilling)

Care: Dry Clean Only

Technology: Lightweight and moisture-wicking for a cozy, cuddly snuggle that’s never too hot. A wool blanket would need to be 4 times as thick (heavy) to be as warm as our alpaca blankets. Hypoallergenic alpaca yarn keeps sensitive skin happy.

Sizing: King: 104" x 92", Queen: 90" x 90"

Weight:  King: 2 lbs, 14 oz (1,304 g), Queen: 2 lb, 8 oz (1,133 g) 

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Customer Reviews

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John K
Soft, light and warm

I received my queen-size blanket yesterday. When I opened the box and took it out the material was like a soft cloud, absolutely beautiful. I’d just washed all the bed linen so the blanket went on top of fresh cotton sheets. First impression - the blanket was stretchy but likely because it is more knit than woven. With a little care it rested comfortably on the bed. I believe the blanket fits best sideways… There is distinct wide ribbing on two edges and these seemed to be the head and foot but the blanket is very long in this orientation it hangs too long at the foot so I’ve rotated it for tonight.
Is it warm? Absolutely and very comfortably so.
I read the only other review of the alpaca blanket and wondered what the reviewer meant by “Frail”. The stretchy nature of the material is one possible reason for this description. I’m not one for heavy blankets so the lightness of the material is very pleasing. I have enjoyed alpaca sweaters and they too are stretchy, they are also very soft and warm. I am a fan of alpaca.

It's soft. Chose the blue grey to ruff n tumble like a guy but ¿should've chosen off-white lux look

I give the Alpaca fibre itself 5 stars. For the cost, I thought that this blanket would be really plush, thick or durable; dense. It's none of the above. I mean it's lite-weight plush like an inviting sweater - as in a sweater being also lite because you can see through the woven blanket textile like you can see through a sweater. The blanket is more like a lite, crocheted throw but bigger and, to my knowledge, it's not crochet but I might be wrong; I'm not sure if it's machine knit or what. While I love all my previous Alpacas of Montana products - mostly outdoors activewear, I'd not buy this blanket again if I had a do over - even if my money runneth over. It is luxurious but thin (not cheap) & very lite if that's what you're looking for. Again, it's similar to a lite sweater-like throw but size is much larger. Quality but very "frail" for a lack of better word. If you're looking for luxury bankie, this may be your piece. Dry clean only. (It's not even thick enough that you could put a duvet around it.) If you've the money, go for it! If on the fence, don't bother. You're not missing out. It's a mere "luxury item" in my opinion. Of fine quality, yes - for quality luxury throw 3-5 stars; yet it's not thick or durable, etc. -for the latter, 1 star. Hard to rate this but let's just say it comes out as 4 stars as I prefer giving a favorable review without sacrificing the truth of an experience or opinion using a surround sound report. It's beautiful, just nothing like I expected based on website - I don't feel it was accurate depiction because my alpaca hat is more dense than this. I hope I grow into (fond of) it.

Thank you for your feedback regarding our alpaca blanket.  You point out a good distinction with our products.  With alpaca, any of our products - blankets, jackets, socks, neck gaiters - do not need to be thick in order to be warm and cozy.  Alpaca offers warmth without bulk.
The great part about alpaca is it is not focused on the weight so much as the Alpaca fiber itself. Alpaca is four times warmer than wool so if you had a comparable wool blanket it would need to be four times as thick in order to be as warm as the Alpaca blanket. Hopefully that makes sense. These particular blankets are knit with Boucle Yarn then brushed with a Yucca seed to make it smooth and cozy.If you have any other questions, please let me know.Enjoy your day-Sarah

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