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Felted Sole Inserts

Size Guide
Sock Sizing Chart
Shoe Sizes
Medium Up to Womens 7.5
Large Up to Womens 10 / Mens 9
X-Large Up to Mens 10
XX-Large Up to Mens 15
Size Guide
Sock Sizing Chart
Shoe Sizes
Medium Up to Womens 7.5
Large Up to Womens 10 / Mens 9
X-Large Up to Mens 10
XX-Large Up to Mens 15
Natural Brown

Supporting you every step of the way.

These help your foot breathe in all temperatures. They do the work to wick moisture away from your feet so your feet stay dry in the heat of the summer and warm all winter long. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, running, hunting, fishing or snowmobiling, keep your feet happy as you enjoy the great outdoors. Our felted inserts combine natural wool and alpaca for the coziest fit all season.

 Turn up the temperature no matter the weather.

  • Comfort Control: Moisture-wicking for warm, dry feet that stay comfortable all day.
  • Warm Wear: Designed to keep feet cozy in low temperatures in a variety of boots and shoes.
  • Movement Support: Wool blend strengthens and supports the shape and cushy ¼” loft.
  • Hypoallergenic: Specialty alpaca felted fleece blend to keep sensitive skin happy and odor-free.
  • Fabric: 80% Alpaca, 20% Wool
  • Care:  Hand wash in cold water, gentle soap, lay flat to dry
Inserts can be cut to size based on the individual foot or shoe form. Simply take out the insole of your boot or shoe and cut to custom fit.  Order larger options when in doubt of the sizing. Cut inserts cannot be returned or exchanged.

All natural  - colors will vary. 



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 92 reviews
      jimmy dunnavant

      not used yet will find out late oct. in the flattops area

      Elwood Birney

      They look very well made will test them come hunting season an see how they hold up an how well they keep my feet warm

      Michael Bender
      Great for Bean boots

      Great replacement insoles. The OEM were rubber and had a heal. Made me not want to wear the boots. Replaced with the Alpaca felt. The felt is more comfortable plus much warmer - a double win! Great upgrade.

      John Mcleod

      I don’t know they haven’t arrived yet but I’m sure there a good

      Annie Buchwald
      These insulate my mud boots!!!!

      I've really put these felted inserts to the test this winter. I do volunteer work on 2 farms in snow, mud and manuer and wear cheap mud boots to save my good boots. They are just rubber with no lining or insulation - not even on the sole - to protect my feet in the Montana cold winters where my feet are in snow and cold for a couple of hours at a time. The alpaca felt inserts completely insulate the bottoms of my feet from the cold! Amazing how well they work! And they give some padding too! Of course, I wear my alpaca socks too which keep the rest of the parts of my feet warm. Game changers! I highly recommend these inserts!

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