James' Journey to Find the Gold of the Andes: An Adventure of Two Llam - Alpacas of Montana

James' Journey to Find the Gold of the Andes: An Adventure of Two Llamas, James and a Treasure Map

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“Look! Just ahead!” exclaimed James as he motioned for Lucy and Homeboy, his two trusty llama companions, to join him on the ridge his feet just met. With a brief exchange and a trusting hope that James had finally found their long awaited destination spot, the two llamas took position just behind James with their heads peering over each of his shoulders.

llama llama 

Caption: (Left) Homeboy, (Right) Lucy

James and his four legged packers had been following a several hundred year old treasure map for months. They endured grueling winds, Rocky Mountain snow storms and wildlife encounters all in search of a place everyone told them didn’t exist. Sarah (James’ partner) stayed home working to make sure they had enough money to live on if James’ big fantasy didn’t come to fruition. I mean -- who trusts a mysterious flyer from Costco with an enclosed and encrypted “treasure map” on the back. To James, the signs were evident, he had to follow his gut and that meant following a map that would *hopefully* lead him to something unparalleled.

man standing with arms crossed man sitting on chair with left crossed James contemplating and planning for his big adventure

Something only the ancient Incans discussed, a mysterious animal called an Alpaca. As James gazed upon the valley below him he knew he finally had found what no one said he would: the Heart of Montana and the Soul of the Andes. A small village composed of several people and dozens of seemingly mythical creatures nestled in a sanctuary. Guard dogs roamed the perimeter ensuring the precious alpacas were safe from potential intruders. To James’ surprise the alpaca creatures looked a lot like Lucy and Homeboy only much smaller. Their ears bent differently than the llamas; their noses appeared different as well. They also looked a lot fluffier and were about ⅓ the size.

woman walking with alpacas magical alpaca sanctuary 

James knew he would have to earn the trust of both the people and the animals, but he had no idea how to do so with three ferocious guard dogs on duty. He, Lucy and Homeboy scooted down off of the ridge toward their destination. James’ heart beat fast. His palms sweaty. He looked back at Lucy and Homeboy for reassurance. With a pause and a nod he gathered himself and approached the arching doors -- the only thing standing between he and his dreams. The guard dogs met him first. They growled and threatened to attack if he stepped any closer to their line. Hackles up and teeth at the ready, James thought he would have to turn around. That his journey would be at an end and Sarah would have been right -- something he hated admitting.

 James getting scared by the dogs

Just as it appeared that the dogs were at their wits end, a guru approached the arch. Shock and amazement painted on his face. He had never seen a human from outside of their community approach the arch. Many a mountain lion, bear, coyote and other furry friends, but never ever a human. James explained his journey and introduced Lucy and Homeboy. The guru, Juan, paused, thought and called off the dogs. James couldn’t believe it. A rush of relief washed over him. 

man sitting with large dog James befriending the guard dogs

James spent months learning the alpaca language, understanding how alpaca fleece behaves and doing something no one had ever done: designing. James and Juan used the fleece from the magical alpacas to design yarns at first, but then they got an idea: what if they made clothing. James knew he couldn’t return home empty handed. He knew that in order to convince Sarah that his journey was worth it he had to have something to resemble it all. After weeks of frustration and trial and error, James created something that was warmer and more durable than Merino Wool, softer than cashmere and hypoallergenic.

alpaca wool blue adventure socks for camping alpaca wool blue adventure socks for camping THE Adventure Sock

He created the Alpaca Adventure Sock. A sock that summed up his wild adventure. That encompassed all that he learned. A sock so grand and so magical that he knew he could wear it anywhere. With unparalleled versatility, this sock could survive the frigid mountain winters and rugged hiking terrain.


When his time at the hidden sanctuary felt complete, James, Lucy and Homeboy bid farewell to their new trusted friends and set out for home. When they arrived at the front door, rugged and exhausted, Sarah thought they came home empty handed. Lucy and Homeboy rushed into the pasture to visit their friends Snuffy, Mama Llama, The Ninja, Holly and Johnson. James took off his shoes to show Sarah what he had created -- the ultimate adventure sock. Sarah expected a stench worse than Shrek’s swamp to emerge from James’ feet after his wicked journey in the mountains only to be disabused by the lack of odor. After months on trail, James’ feet didn’t stink. “How could that be?!” Sarah exclaimed in astonishment. James went on to tell her that the alpaca yarn he designed to make his socks was antimicrobial, so no bacteria could grow, therefore no stink could either. This was it: the alpaca revolution. 


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