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What is Up-cycling?

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Upcycling is a way of creative reuse by giving used material a new purpose in its current state while transforming it into a new and even higher-quality product. Instead of turning waste into new materials, you can take a product that you would otherwise throw away and give it a new use in life. Rather than recycle using a recycling bin, you can use creativity to update and renew old items.

What Are The Benefits?

  • It minimizes the amount of discarded materials sent to landfills.
  • It reduces the need for production that uses new or raw materials.
  • It is better for the planet as it reduces air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

In our direct application, it means that when making other alpaca garments (pullovers, vests) there is some natural “waste” when cutting out fabrics. Instead of throwing away this extra material, we collect them, grind the materials up and then spin it into new yarn where we can make new materials with minimal to no loss of materials. These Upcycled yarns are used in our Men's Urban Hoodie, Men’s and Women's Granite Peak Parka, Men's Ribbed Knit Cardigan and Men's Camden Vest.

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