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Finding the Warmest Socks for Cold Feet This Winter

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2020 has made us all realize that controlling the things we can makes life feel a bit less chaotic. Don’t waste your time or ruin your outdoor adventures this winter because of being cold. Take control of your comfort. We have the warmest socks for cold feet and can ensure comfort without bulk. Whether you’re heading out for a ski, a winter run, ice fishing or shoveling snow in a storm, we have gear that’ll keep you warm, dry and stink free all winter.

two skiers backcountry skiing in the mountains female skier skiing down the mountain in pink onsie

Push your boundaries, not your comfort! Alpaca wool ski socks will keep you warm and comfortable no matter how long your backcountry skiing days are or if you're spending all day at the resort!

How can we keep saying that alpaca wool is almost completely waterproof when an alpaca is visibly wet in the rain and snow? Two words: hollow fibers. Sheep’s wool absorbs up to 50% of its weight in moisture, but then it hits a saturation point. After that saturation point is reached (i.e. if you step in a creek crossing during a long hike or you’re sweating during a workout), the moisture sits next to the skin and doesn’t go anywhere, it's trapped. This is usually when people get blisters on their feet and experience a damp discomfort. You’re also likely to continue to be damp indefinitely until you take the socks off and let them dry for a long time. Alpaca fibers are hollow whereas sheep wool fibers contain lots of little air pockets. Because the alpaca wool fibers are hollow, they trap heat, which repels water mechanically. This makes it so alpaca fiber doesn’t ever reach the saturation point that sheep wool does. The heat from the alpaca wool evaporates a lot of the moisture, creating unparalleled breathability and therefore keeps you dry at much higher rates than any other products.

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Why is alpaca wool so warm? Air gets trapped within the hollow fiber, which allows it to warm up. Because alpaca fibers aren’t flooded with air pockets, they have a much greater thermal capacity than sheep wool fibers (because there’s more space to be filled with heat rather than offset by air). Alpaca wool is warmer than any other wool products.

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We have the warmest socks for cold feet. Don't compromise this winter, shop alpaca!

So you know that our warm alpaca socks will keep your feet toasty all winter long, but what about the rest of you? Our alpaca winter hats come in varying degrees of warmths (including an extreme warmth hat that we guarantee will be the warmest hat you ever wear--or we will buy it back from you) and we have several types of alpaca wool quarter zip pullovers.

 man wearing black and green alpaca pullover

As you’re looking for socks and hats this winter, trust that alpaca wool warmth will do the job better than any other wool. AND alpaca wool is significantly more environmentally friendly. Don’t let warmth or comfort stop you from exploring this winter, join the alpaca revolution today!

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