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Extreme Warmth Windstopper Hat Product Feature

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The wind was howling as it whipped snow from the sky in what felt like violent blades across James’ cheeks. A Rocky Mountain storm rolled in that wasn’t projected to arrive for another three days. He’d gone out for his final fishing trip of the season, hoping to calm his mind and recenter himself. Little did he know that he’d end up exposed in the heart of Montana during the first big storm of the season. He frantically rummaged through his bag looking for warm layers to combat the 9 mile hike to his car.

Convinced that he was wearing all of his layers, shock hit him when he felt something soft. Unsure of what this thing could possibly be he pulled the unknown object from his bag. His eyes fixated on a hat, but not just any hat. The Alpacas of Montana Extreme Warmth Windstopper Hat.

A hat that is guaranteed to be the warmest hat anyone could ever wear down to -20F. His fingers ran across the PolarTec Windstopper Fleece and Alpaca Fleece combination. He’d only ever dreamed of a hat so warm for such rugged conditions. Putting this life saving hat on his head, he folded down the earflaps to protect his ears from the wind and snow and cinched the mechanism down in the back to ensure a snug fit. Accompanied by the thermal abilities of the Extreme Warmth Hat, James was able to safely and successfully make it home just in time to shovel the driveway.


What have people said about the Extreme Warmth Windstopper Hat?

“This hat was the only thing keeping me from freezing to death while camping one night. BIG recommend.” -- Ashley Meyer

I purchased 2 of these as Christmas gifts -one for my husband, who works outside in the Bridger Mountains in the sub-zero weather and high winds of Montana, and one for my son-in-law, who also works outside in the cold Montana weather. They both absolutely LOVE their hats and have literally worn them every single day. We cannot say enough great things about these hats!! They keep you very warm, but no sweating.” -- Anonymous

“Purchased for my husband for hunting. It can get very cold here in VT, -30 windchill at times, he loves wearing it while plowing snow with the 4-wheeler or snowblowing with the tractor.” -- Cathleen Kinsella



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