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Alpacas of Montana Holiday Shopping Guide!

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 This year is crazier than ever and we're here to help. The holidays are always a stressful time, but we've done everything we can to make sure it's as easy as possible. This Holiday Gift Guide will give you ideas and access to one stop shopping for all of the important people in your life!

1. Gifts For Her

Our Gifts For Her Package comes with one Infinity Scarf, one pair of Urbanite Socks and an Alpaca Blanket. This package includes our most popular scarf, the coziest lounging socks and a stylish, soft blanket for relaxing after a long day. It is the ultimate care package for all of the ladies in your life. 

2. Runner's World

The Runner's World Package equips all of those crazy runners and hikers in your life with the ultimate high performance athletic gear they need to keep them warm and dry no matter the weather or season. Our Mid Crew and Endurance Running Socks are brand new and the best socks we've ever made. The pullover will wick better and repel more water than any other pullover on the market. It breathes well in warmer weather, but also keeps you super warm during the winter months. This package is perfect for any of the super active people in your life! To shop the Runner's World Package For Him, click here. To shop the Runner's World Package For Her, click here!

3. Every Day Commuter

The Every Day Commuter Package comes with 1 Luxury Brush Scarf, 1 Winter Commuter Hat and a pair of Extra Cushion Socks. This is the perfect collection for anyone who has to wait outside to catch the train, the bus or while hailing a cab. It is also great for anyone who has to get up and get in a cold car in the morning on your way to work. You'll stay warm and comfortable no matter the wind or the cold temperatures. 

4. The Sportsman Package

This is the ultimate gift bundle for the hunters and fishers in your life. Our Extreme Warmth Hat is guaranteed to be the warmest hat you'll ever wear or we will buy it back. It can handle the gnarliest of winter activities and will help keep you warm no matter how cold the ice fishing gets. The Extra Cushion Socks are designed to ensure comfort even if you're on your feet for hours on end, and our Arctic Socks can handle just about any temperature. They wick extremely well, so working up a sweat won't be a problem. This package is just what the Sportsmen in your life need!

5. Winter Sports

It's that time of year when all of the skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and outdoor enthusiasts come out to play, and we've got the perfect gift bundle for them. Our Mid Layer Alpaca Pullovers are designed to be the second layer in your ski outfit and to keep your warm on the coldest alpine days. Our Ski and Snowboard Socks are reinforced in all of the right places to keep your shins happy, but to also fit in your boot without any extra bulk. The Backcountry Beanie fits under helmets so it can be used on the mountain or in the backcountry, but also is warm on its own and makes for a go-to hat while you're nordic skiing, snowshoeing or taking a Christmas morning walk with your family! This package is perfect for all of the winter sports fanatics in your life!

6. The Creative

Sometimes it can be so hard to shop for the creative people in our lives, but this package is designed just for them! Whether your loved ones are knitters, felters or fine artists, this package is in service of them. Our Alpaca Silk Scarves take unique luxury to the next level and add a pop of color and flare to any outfit. It's a scarf that stands out just as much as your creative friends. The bundle also comes with a Handmade Alpaca Fiber Ornament of your choosing. And finally, to make sure that your creatives are using the highest quality yarn for all of their DIY projects, the package comes with our 100% Alpaca Fiber Yarn. Shopping for the people who do everything is made easy with this Creative Package.

7. The Kids

The little ones in our lives occupy such an incredible space, so this package is designed to show them just how special they are. Our For The Kids Holiday Gift Package comes with your choice of an Alpaca Plush Toy (that is guaranteed to be one of the softest toys out there), a 100% Baby Alpaca Baby Blanket and 1 Handmade Mini Toy. This set offers cute, unique gifts for your nieces and nephews, grandchildren and all of the little angels in your life. 

Shop early to make sure your gifts arrive on time and enjoy FREE shipping on all orders above $75! Happy Holidays!

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