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Alpaca Meet and Greet: Pete the Basketball Star

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Pete is a farm favorite. You probably know Pete from many of our photoshoots or from the video of Pete on the basketball court where he was the star. Pete was bought from another farm and quickly became an integral part of the family. He was originally bought because his fleece is incredibly dense and also has a high crimp volume, which are two of the hardest things to breed into an alpaca. When trying to breed for quality fleece, breeders are looking at the length of the fleece and the density (how many follicles per square inch there are). Longer fleece is desired because it makes it easier for the fiber to be spun into yarn, making Pete perfect! He was also bought for his beige coloring. When a gray alpaca is bred to a beige alpaca the baby is almost always gray, which is the color our farm tries to breed for and is also the hardest color to breed.

Pete is now four years old and is one of our breeding males. He had his first baby last year and his second this summer. He is scheduled to have quite a few next year as well. 

woman hugging to alpacas alpaca standing in the snow with a scarf on

We love Pete because he is docile and super mellow. He’s the kind of guy that gets along with any and every one. He is a go to favorite when people come to visit because of his loving demeanor. You can meet Pete in person at Owenhouse Ace Hardware in Bozeman this fall and winter. He loves the attention he gets on big outings and loves to go to new places.

alpaca standing on a basketball court next to a basketball beige alpaca standing with his foot on a basketball

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