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Meet the 2022 Babies

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Cocoa, Born June 26, 2022 

First time mom, Maya had her baby boy, Cocoa, on June 26th. Maya came to us about two years ago after we rescued her during the Bridger Canyon Fire. She is now five years old and a shy girl as she is still learning to trust people after not being handled much in her early years, and moving to a new farm after the fire. When she, and the other alpacas we rescued in the fire, came to us we put them through our "baby training" program that we hold each February to teach our newly weaned babies socialization manners. During this training we get them acclimated to human touch by haltering them, lifting up their feet so they're comfortable getting nail trims, looking at their ears and noses, and loving up on them daily so they always know that they can trust us. Maya is very social with our other alpaca, but still tends to keep to herself when people come around and has been teaching her baby to do the same. Because of this, we make sure to spend extra time with this bundle of cuteness! After Cocoa is weaned in 6 months, he will be moving to a family in Sheridan, WY along with Pele's baby girl, Adrianna, to live their best life on their new farm! See more details in Pele and Adrianna's post below. 

(Cocoa right, Adrianna left)


Frankie, Born June 27, 2022

Petunia has a similar story to Maya, she was also rescued in the Bridger Fire and is a first time mom on our farm, giving birth to a little girl named Frankie! Petunia is more of a social butterfly and it has been such a delight watching her teach little Frankie to make friends with all of the people and other alpacas they meet. Petunia and Frankie currently live down the road with a wonderful family who will be keeping Frankie in 6 months when she is weaned and Petunia comes back to Alpacas Of Montana. Petunia was rebred this summer to Shakespeare and will have another baby next summer!


Insight Born June 28, 2022

Farm sweetheart, Olive, was bred to Out Of Sight and had her little baby boy, Insight, two weeks early! Her due date was July 11th, and alpacas usually give birth between 10am - 2pm, so it was a big surprise when James and Sarah woke up that Tuesday morning to see all of the crew huddled up in the barn. They went out to investigate and found a little bundle of fur curled up by his mom and two aunties, Lollipop and Fiona. Insight was a little smaller than the average 12-14lbs, weighing about 10lbs, but no less perfect and healthy! Olive and Out Of Sight both have very high quality fiber, so we are excited to see what Insight’s adult fleece will look like as he already has his mom's puffy cheeks, and his dad's fiber denseness and length! Only 1% of male alpacas are used for breeding, and requires a micron test on their fiber to confirm the quality, so we hope that one day Insight will get to have babies of his own! But for now, he is making friends, playing in the fields, and soaking up the Montana sunshine!

(photo by Ainslee Brennan Photography)


Easy Peasy Born July 10, 2022

Miss Pogo was also bred to Easy Does It, so her baby girl will be sisters with Maya's baby, Cocoa. Pogo got her name because since she was a baby, when she hears us turn on the hose for bath time, she runs up and will bounce up and down on her hind legs to make sure her tummy gets sprayed! It is the cutest thing and she has taught her whole family to do it, so we're certain her baby girl will soon be jumping up and down ready for tummy sprays! Pogo has had several babies in the past, so she is a great mom and very social, mellow, and friendly. We had family friends visit us shortly after Pogo gave birth, so they had the honor of naming this girl, Easy Peasy!


Adrianna, Born July 11, 2022

Pele had her first ever baby girl (she has had four boys in the past) named Adrianna who will be moving to Sheridan, WY with Cocoa in about 6 months. Adrianna is a social and energetic girl, so she will teach Cocoa to break out of his shy shell and we have no doubt they’ll be the cutest little duo and best friends in their new home! Pele was recently rebred to our seasoned male, Argus, for next year's baby. Adrianna and Cocoa’s new mom is writing a book about them so stay tuned for what is sure to be the cutest alpaca books out there!


Newt, Born July 27, 2022

Meet Newt! His name was chosen by our social media followers and we think it fits his spunky personality perfectly! Thank you for all who participated.

Ripley is a first time mom, bred to an outside breeder Orlando Cloud, and she is already doing great! From the moment Newt was born, Ripley was making sure he was okay and helped him take his first steps. When cria are born, alpaca moms (like every mom) feel comfortable with their friends coming to meet their newborn, but don't necessarily like other alpaca they're not as familiar with approaching them. It was so special watching Ripley take on motherhood immediately, protecting her baby from some of the other alpaca she doesn't know too well. Ripley is a sweet, quiet girl so we are excited to see how she teaches her little boy over the next several months!

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