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How to read and understand an alpaca registration (ARI) certificate

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Alpaca ARI Diagram - How to read an alpaca ARI registration paper certificate

1.  Current Owner(s)



2.  Sire Owner(s) at time of Conception.



3.  Dam Owner(s) at time of Conception.



4.  Dam Owner(s) at time of Birth.



5.  Alpaca Name



6.  Alpaca ID# (also known as the registry number)



7.  Gender



8.  Date of Birth



9.  Color (in this example, TB indicates True Black)



10.  Male / Sire / Father is always in upper bracket



11.  Female / Dam / Mother is always lower in bracket



For this alpaca named Apache, her father's name is Jupiter and mother's name is Sabrina.  Looking at the next generation back, Jupiter's father is Sterling Silver and his mother's name is Daisy.



The alpaca color registry recognizes 16 different color as well as 8 additional classes that are not actual colors.  Alpacas can be a singular, solid color and multiple colors, with primary and secondary colors mixed in within their fiber.

Official colors are as follows:

Alpaca color chart for fleece and fiber for ARI

 8 additional color classes:

  • Appaloosa

  • Classic Grey

  • Fancy

  • Indefinite Light

  • Indefinite Dark

  • Modern Grey

  • Pattern

  • Pinto


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