Alpaca Teddy Bear Soft Cuddly Toy - Alpacas of Montana

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Teddy Bear Plush Toys

White baby fleece
Fawn baby fleece
Brown baby fleece
Fawn royal fleece
Black royal fleece
White royal fleece
Caramel Brown Royal Fleece
Blue Gray Royal Feece
Blue Royal Fleece
Chocolate Brown Royal Fleece

Sweet, soft, and simply alpaca.

Charming and carefully crafted bears range in size from take-along 6" to super-huggable 18". Lustrous coats and sweet faces make them special friends.

  • Hand Crafted: Handcrafted from natural alpaca fleece.
  • Sizes: 6–18" tall
  • Hypoallergenic: Alpaca keeps sensitive skin happy.
  • Fabric: 100% Alpaca
  • Care: Hand wash, gentle soap. Lay flat to dry.

Caution: Under extreme wear or force, small parts may be pulled off. These toys are not for infants and very young children.

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