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About Our Tours

We are not offering any farm tours at our residence at this time. You can still see some of our herd with our partners, Montana Llama Guides. Here you can schedule alpaca and llama farm tours, packing tours and guided hikes. 

Visit Mama llamas: Visit mama llamas: Depending on the time of year, visit the moms and crias (babies) that are a key part of the herd's future. The babies are born in June.

Feed the boys: Meet the professional packing boys. They come in all sizes and personalities. Learn why these amazing, unique camelids have been partnered with humans for thousands of years.

Take lots of photos: Get up close and personal with our crew. Be sure to post on your social media!

Pick out your souvenir:  Take home your own Montana Llama Guides Hat, a water bottle or a plush llama toy.

Cost: $50/ per person.

Time: Most tours last 90-120 minutes - allow plenty of time for fun llama drama. Farm tours offered year round.

Contact Dennis at Montana Llama Guides for a Tour!


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