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Capital Requirements of an Alpaca Farm

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Capital Requirements  of an Alpaca Farm
Expenses required to start your business will vary depending on how much you already have established versus how many supplies you need. Some entrepreneurs are already established facilities on their property, while others start from the ground up to invest in their business.
Many breeders start investing in alpacas by purchasing several females and one male. Others wait to purchase a quality breeding male. Prices can vary substantially depending on color, conformation, fleece quality, quantity, age and sex.
A small barn or shelter, built especially to house 15 to 20 alpacas, might cost about $10,000 to $15,000 if you contract for its construction. Fencing could add several thousand more dollars to your budget.
If you manage the herd yourself, you'll require an inventory of halters, shears, toenail clippers, lead ropes and other miscellaneous gear. These items would probably add $500 to your initial costs. Insurance is a consideration, and a year's supply of feed and grain will probably be required.
Here is a list to help you start looking at what you will need. 
Alpaca Purchase                                          $­­­­­­­­­­­­­______
Fencing                                                         $______
Website / Marketing                                  $______
Barn/ Shelter                                               $______
Insurance                                                     $______
General Supplies                                         $______
Feed                                                              $______
Veterinary                                                    $______
Total:                                                             ________

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