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Women's Alpaca Compression Socks

Size Guide
Sock Sizing Chart
Shoe Sizes Women Men
Small  5-7.5 4-6
Medium 8-9 6-8
Large 9.5-11 8.5-11
X-Large 11-13
Size Guide
Sock Sizing Chart
Shoe Sizes Women Men
Small  5-7.5 4-6
Medium 8-9 6-8
Large 9.5-11 8.5-11
X-Large 11-13
Multi-stripe - Blue / Black / Gray
Multi-stripe - Lemon Yellow / Black / Teal
Gray / Red


Everybody loves the fit of a compression sock once it’s on, but it’s historically been so hard to get there—until now. Our compression socks are redesigned to be the first ever easy-on and easy-off compression sock. We created a product that continues to provide all the benefits of full compression and doesn’t compromise ease. These help reduce swelling, relieve achy muscles and provide energetic support with our innovative Alpaca Dry Fusion Technology ®️. The combination of our technology and the perks of alpaca fiber provide unmatched support for your arch and Achilles tendon, while sustaining unparalleled wicking and drying. These compression socks reduce swelling for a faster recovery time, leaving you much more energized throughout the day. We’ve put extra cushion support in the footbed to ensure day-long comfort. Even after ten hours of standing, your feet and lower legs will feel fantastic.


Material: 42% Alpaca, 28% Microfiber, 20% Nylon, and 10% Spandex (Black/Grey) 23% Baby Alpaca, 73% Nylon, 4% Spandex (Multi-striped socks)

Care: Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

Technology: Ribbing on arch for support and stability. Mid-weight 16-21mmHG for all-day wear. Over-the-calf boot-height design boosts and increases your circulation and recovery time. Mesh stitch on foot for breathability with extra reinforcement from heel to toe for better durability. Specialty alpaca yarn blend to keep sensitive skin happy and odor-free.


  • Reducing ankle and leg swelling
  • Spider and Varicose Veins
  • Workouts - before, during, and after
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Achy, tired legs
  • Travel - Airplane socks
  • Mild to moderate edema
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Bob Hauser
Compression sock test

Good compression nice fit. Tried the sock on one cooler bike ride and liked them, waiting for winter to try skiing. The wool seems a bit loosely attached to the wool hope they do mot "pill" too much. The toes don't seem to have much wool hope they are warm enough for nordic skiing

David Gawdun
Compression sock

So I bought 6 pairs of socks from you guys gave it a couple weeks and now I'm ready. So ive been a big chaser on wool first smart wool then grip 6 and now Alpaca wool. I love all three companies on what they offer. 1 the compression socks are interesting with there mix and how it's maid. 2 love the compression and wool colored material, warm and a strong hold for a 14hr shift. 3 when you wear these socks the foot has form and doesn't make it seem like your foot is swiming. 4 HOWEVER the thing I do not like is the compression socks do not have wool on the toes or heel. I get it for keeping them them thin but, those two spots stink bad after a 11hr shift of driving. The rest of the sock whicks water and doesn't stink. The straight nylon and stretch material stinks after sweating bad. It's a fact that material like nylon does stink. Although it doesn't smell as bad as my non wool compression socks. So with that in mind I still love them and will be buying more when I need them to be replaced. Either way I look at it I believe that issue might get addressed down the road and, I can't wait to see it happen. Between Alpaca wool and Grip 6, smart wool has lost a customer. Im rating 5 stars because this product is mixed well with the customer service I received. This company is will up there and love the second option I now have. Thank you for designing these socks. I would love to see more colors too. 🤩

Robert Raforth
Compression socks

Ordered pair last year. They were so fantastic that I ordered 2 more pair recently. Love 'em. Give them 6 stars if I could

Annie B
Unexpected benefit!!!

I wrote a review of these socks last year because I was blown away by how much they helped me with mountain hiking. I have some physical challenges and these socks helped me push from 5 mile hikes which resulted in soreness and pain to 8 mile hikes in comfort and with energy to spare! But now I've discovered a new benefit! I recently developed severe sciatica. One of the things that happens when my sciatic nerve fires off is my muscles in my hamstrings and calves seize up and give me charlie horses. I work in the field and it has been so painful. I decided to try my compression socks and was, again, blown away by how much they helped! My calves at least have been pain free even when working for several hours and walking several miles! It's difficult for me to put on socks right now so I really appreciate the magic of their "easy on" technology. These socks have been a lifesaver for me! And it doesn't hurt that they are the coolest looking socks too!

2018-12-17 01:01:24 UTC 2018-12-17 01:01:24 UTC
Alpaca Compression Socks

Best compression socks ever, make my feet and legs tingle, in a good way, will definitely buy more

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