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  • Lightweight Flip Gloves / Mittens / Glittens - Alpacas of Montana
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  • Lightweight Flip Gloves / Mittens / Glittens
Product Reviews

Lightweight Flip Gloves / Mittens / Glittens

Versatility in style means the best of both!

Keep your hands toasty and warm in cold offices, at your computer, or outdoors in the elements. The convertible style allows you to stay comfortable without having to remove your gloves for more agile tasks. Versatility at its best! 

  • Comfort Control: Lightweight and moisture-wicking for a warm and cozy fit. Warm without bulkiness.
  • Warm Wear: Fine, lustrous alpaca fibers ensure thermal regulation.
  • Hypoallergenic: Specialty yarn to keep sensitive skin happy.
  • Fabric: 100% Alpaca
  • Care: Hand wash, gentle soap. Lay flat to dry.
Please Note: Only available in size medium

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    Alpaca Scallop Knit Mittens

    $ 52.00

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