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Fire Retardant Helmet Liner

Warmth Without Bulk!
Extreme warmth, windstopping, flame retardant helmet liner with adjustable strap for comfort fit. Flat-seam construction enhances comfort and provides ear, neck and cheek protection from the elements. Not bulky and fits smoothly around head. Created from felted alpaca, the fibers are hollow making it warmer than wool (performing much like polar bear fiber), durable, breathable and water repellant. Alpaca fleece traps in heat and wicks away moisture, guaranteeing comfort all day in any type of weather.
Lined with Flame Retardant WindStop Polar Fleece 200, this skullcap is FR tested and approved while cutting out the wind and weather to keep you warm. Guaranteed down to -20F. 
  • Extremely warm down to -25 F
  • Windstopper / Windproof
  • Water Repellent / Floatable
  • Breathable, Comfortable
  • Enduring
  • Full head protection
  • Cinch for custom fit
    Advantages of alpaca fiber:
    • Softer, warmer and drier than merino wool.
    • Water Repellent
    • Like a Polar Bear with hollow fiber, the alpaca fiber traps in heat yet allows for incredible breathability
    • Environmentally friendly unlike merino wool
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Flame Retardant
    • Born, Shorn and Worn in Bozeman, Montana
    • This hat will out perform any other hat you will ever wear
    Contoured earflaps built from felted alpaca fiber and PolarTec Class 1 Fire Retardant Polar Fleece make for an ideal match in keeping your ears and cheeks warm and dry.  If the weather warms, fold up from the ears and cheeks to allow for full ventilation.   When cold weather hits the flaps are able to be pulled down to cover the ears and cheeks.  The bungee system throughout the hat tightens for a snug, customized fit.
    The Extreme Helmet Liner Hat by Alpacas of Montana is by far the most unique, warmest, versatile hard hat liner on the market today. 
    Great For:
      • Warm Hard Hat Liner
      • Motorcycle Safety Gear
      • Cutting Wood
      • Warm Ski Helmet Liner
      • Flame Retardant Clothing
      • Safety Helmet
      • Bicycle Helmet Liner
      • Construction Hard Hats
      • Safety Hats
      • Hard Hat Liners
    • Ideal for Oilfield Workers, Linemen, Oil and Gas Well Drilling, Steel workers, Oil Refineries, Chemical plants
    • Flame Resistant Testing Certification

      • CFR1610 Textile Flammability Test
      • Vertical Flame: ASTM D6413
      • NPA 70E: ASTM 1506 
      • ISO: 14116 (EN533)
      • ISO: 11612 (EN513)
    The most common hat size for men is 7 1/8 and for women, 22. To measure the size of a person’s head, use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference at the widest part of the head, usually an inch above the eyebrows. This is the measurement for a woman’s hat. To determine the size for a man’s hat, divide the circumference measurement (in inches) by pi or about 3.14.  Do not measure the diameter of the head.
    Small Hats: 18.5-20.5"
    Medium Hats:  21-22.5"
    Large Hats: 23-25"
    X-Large Hats: 25.5-27"
    Hat sizing chart:
    Head Size Inches Head Size cm Cap Size Hat Size
    20 51 6 1/8 Small
    20.5 52 6 3/8 Small
    21 53 6 5/8 Medium
    21.5 54 6 3/4 Medium
    21 5/8 55 6 7/8 Medium
    22 1/8 56 7 Medium
    22.5 57 7 1/8 Medium
    23 58 7 1/4 Large
    23 3/8 59 7 3/8 Large
    23 3/4 60 7 1/2 Large
    24 61 7 5/8 Large
    24.5 62 7 7/8 Large
    25 63 8 1/8 Large
    25.5+ 64+ 8 1/2 X-Large
     *If the measurement is borderline between two sizes, choose the larger size.
    Hand wash in cold water.  Lay flat to dry.

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