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Baby Alpaca Fiber & Raw Fleece - Natural Colors

This 100% pure graded baby alpaca fleece is available in a range of dye-free, natural colors. From brown and gold to silver and black, Alpaca wool also dyes easily which helps you create gorgeous yarns and knit products. Hand-spin, felt or weave beautiful, colorful alpaca products, garments and textiles.

Our raw, silky soft fleece fibers can be easily spun into any type of creation you can dream. Enjoy the beauty and smoothness of the softest alpaca fleece between your fingertips.

Alpaca fibers are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

 $2.00/ounce. Sold in half-pound increments. Raw, non-washed, minimal vegetable matter.

 *If you are looking for a specific color not listed in the drop-down menu but shown on the color chart above, please contact us.  We often have all 22 natural colors of fleece available at our farm.

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$ 16.00

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