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Premature alpaca cria


By Linda Blake, Southern Alpacas Stud


Alpaca babies are lovely fluffy creatures, usually full of life and activity from birth. Occasionally one will be frail and flat - maybe because they are very small, or because they were premature, born before their due date, or dysmature, which is born on time but not yet ready for this world. These fragile cria need intensive care, to...
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Classic Crew Alpaca Dress Socks

Soft, comfortable and elegant - classic to the core.
Your old black socks have met their match! Designed to be the new favorite staple in your sock drawer, this luxurious sock feels smooth against your skin and boasts a slim fit that keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Comfort Control:Breathable and moisture-wicking for dry feet that stay comfortable from home to the...
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Keep Warm this Fall with Diabetic Socks

Behold the fall. The changing leaves, the refreshing breeze,
Over-the-calf alpaca Therapeutic Socks
and the bursts of color − transformation is in the air.
Along with the delightful and picturesque changes that come with the season, one less desirable characteristic of fall, especially for those with diabetes, is the return of cold feet. Diabetics are more...
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After two years of exploring other trails' mountain tops, my sister, her three kids and I decided to once again hike to Lake Louise in the Bitterroot Mountains. Getting a bit of a late start, we arrived at the trailhead around 3:30. Previously we had hiked and camped in June, which is early for this trail because the snow has not fully melted. We did not see a single other person for three days....
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Gear up for the warmer months with walking / hiking sockslightweight beanies and around the fire blankets.   
20% off all Hats & Socks - Promo Code:  20SPRING 

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Cria Preparation


As I was flipping through our calendar of the upcoming weeks and months, I realized that we suddenly have babies scheduled to arrive in the next 3 weeks. With an expected total of half a dozen cria this year, several of them are coming in late May. I prefer that most of our babies be born during June through August. In Montana's small Summer window, we try to breed our girls a...
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As I have written over the years, alpaca fleece is a versatile material that can be created into many  - from end use alpaca hats and alpaca socks like we sell as well as felting, dryer balls, felted soaps, insulation and other creative items. It all depends on what you want to do with it. However, if you are raising alpacas for pure joy and not overly interested in personally expanding into the...
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Washing Alpaca Fiber

By Linda Kernstock, Sage Critter Alpacas
One of the most popular questions I receive is, " How do I wash my fiber?"
I wash my alpaca fiber in big livestock water tanks. We simply use hot tap water and Ajax dish soap. We use Ajax because it is the cheapest surfactant dish soap that I have been able to find. By the ounce from Wal-Mart (in the big bottles) it is even cheaper than...
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Do you have yet to find the perfect hiking sock?
One that will fit like a second skin, wicks moisture away, and keep you comfortable, wet or dry? These highly durable socks provide maximum comfort and moisture control. Specialized ribbing on the top of the foot and sides create flexibility without bunching or bulk. This technology keeps the sock in place throughout...
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By: Internet, Norm Evans and Mike Six

Saving Your Alpacas' Life

“The Silent Killer”

Mycoplasma Haemolamae

This paper is to help you save your alpacas' life from one of the little-known alpaca diseases. The disease is Mycoplasma Haemolamae (MH). It is a “Silent Killer”! MH has been detected since the 1990's and was originally called Eperythrozoonosis or EPE. Recently the name...
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All-natural, hypoallergenic alpaca dryer ballsare an excellent alternative to the chemicals of fabric softeners or dryer sheets for softening clothes, reducing static, eliminating wrinkles. You also save electricity by reducing drying time up to 25%. Minimums of two balls are required and a set of 4 is recommended to generate maximum effectiveness, absorbing moisture from wet clothes while...
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