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Alpacas of MT - What's New

Alpaca Shelter

In moderate climates alpacas only require a three sided shelter. Severe cold, especially coupled with wind, requires a barn which is readily available able to be blocked off from the wind. They tend to be a bit claustrophobic when they are completely locked in, so we have shelters with at least one door on two different wall. This way one door can block out the wind and they can...
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Capital Requirements  of an Alpaca Farm
Expenses required to start your business will vary depending on how much you already have established versus how many supplies you need. Some entrepreneurs are already established facilities on their property, while others start from the ground up to invest in their business.
Many breeders start investing in alpacas by purchasing several females and one...
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With so much transition in our economy, I have been asked many times is the alpaca industry still valid, or is it a fleeting house of cards much like many other markets seemed to be- llamas, ostriches, buffalo and all of the others. The problem with the meat based products (buffalo, ostrich) is that there is only so much room on Safeway's shelf for meat. The cattle lobbyist are one of the...
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Alpaca Fencing and Pastures

One of the biggest benefits of alpacas is that they are so sweet and gentle.  They are not aggressive, nor will they kick or bite or try to harm you in any way. However, this is also one of their biggest downfalls.  They are a flight, not a fight, animal.  Thus, you need to help keep them protected.  Fencing is not so much to keep them in, its to keep everyone else out....
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Today we continue to search through our many lady alpacasin the fields, looking for ideal combinations of herdsires and dams. Need more crimp? Here's Enchantment. Fiber length you say? Burgundy is your guy. And soon enough, our matches from last year will be here. Baby cria are the best part of the business. The love they have for their moms and friends. The witching our where they run around at...
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