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A New Kind of Backcountry Story

  • 2 min read

We're bringing you a new kind of Meet and Greet. Don't worry, our Alpaca Meet and Greets will still be here every other week, but we're adding in a product meet a greet. Tune in every other Monday for a new story featuring one of our favorites products!

The Backcountry Beanie

That annoying little computer on your wrist starts to vibrate and beep simultaneously. Much like your meowing cat looking for breakfast before dawn, it pulls you from the deep sleep you can only experience while blanketed by stars and removed from people. You roll over and a fresh wave of crisp high mountain air brushes the cheek that was originally against the warmth of the sleeping bag. A rustling emerges from the bushes behind your tent -- perhaps a raccoon looking for a handout or a bear checking to make sure you actually put away every parcel of food you brought before resigning to sleep. You roll over and there it is. How could it be so perfect? You can’t keep your hands to yourself and reach eagerly for it. Your fingers get there first. The soft touch surprises your cold skin. You reach inside to feel the mysteries behind the exterior. You’re in love. This is it. People always told you that “when you know,you know.” On this blisteringly cold morning --  you know. You know that this beanie is made of the warmest natural fiber out there: alpaca. You know that it has a 2 inch lining of PolarTec Fleece to cover your ears from the wind. You know it comes in your favorite colors. You know that you will never do anything in the mountains again without your Backcountry Beanie.

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