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Two Necessary Alpaca Potions - Alpaca Wound Treatments

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Two Necessary Alpaca Potions 
Alpaca Wound Treatments

Over the years of being in the alpaca business, there are more than a few curious things about alpacas that keep on rising up.  Among these are two medical issues that, with the right treatment, are easy to solve.

The first is what is often called the alpaca witch's brew, an open wounds ointment for alpacas that actually works:
  • 1 part Lotrimine - if dealing with the possibility of a fungus
  • 1 part hydrocortisone - for the itching 
  • 1 part swat - for the flies
Mix these ointments together and apply on an open wound.  Works great.

Prescription strength Frontline Spray bottle.This one took us a little longer to figure out, and finally came across a viable solution in an alpaca magazine.  Every once in a while, an alpaca will develop what we affectionately call "the Munge".  It is crusty, hard skin that almost as the looks like warts or a scabbing wound but isn't. Many believe it is caused by mites, while others - like us - have no idea what it is.  On the nose and around the mouth it can be bubbly.  On the foot, it can can be bumpy and develop almost a cottage cheese texture between the toes.  It can be anywhere - on the back, neck, anal area. 

An image of a white Alpaca with "the munge" on it's lips.The bad news is that if it is not kept in check, it will severely spread.  The good news is that it is easy to treat.  You need to get perscription strength Frontline Spray from you vet.  It can be expensive, but will last a long time and it actually works.  Spray the affected area throughly every 3 weeks (no more, no less) for 4-5 treatments.
An alpaca with "the munge" on it's lips.Do not spray into the eyes or mouth.  Spray the solution on a cloth and wipe onto the affected area.  Spray directly between the toes.

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