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Alpacas of Montana Open House Update 2020

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The Alpacas of Montana Open House has begun to feel like a pilgrimage to many people. When we open the gates to the farm in mid October, people flood in from around the country. Families travel out to see our baby alpacas run around, eat great food from local vendors, shop our store and learn more about the alpaca revolution. Kids get to pet our Anatolian Shepherds (Hazel, Finn and Chile), feed the alpacas and beg their parents for sled rides. The memories that we make and share with our alpaca community are invaluable. 

We are quickly closing in on what was supposed to be our Open House weekend. Alpacas of Montana has hosted an Open House at the farm for the last twelve years.We will not be hosting an Open House in 2020 due to COVID-19. We have several immune-compromised people on our team, and it is a risk that we cannot take. Last year we had over 10,000 people on the farm in a single weekend. This year’s projections estimated that over 14,000 people would have come to see our alpacas, shop our products and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Allowing 14,000 people on the farm during a global pandemic is wildly inappropriate and inconsiderate of our community’s health needs, which is why we made the hard decision to cancel this year’s Open House. 


To make up for cancelling this year’s Open House, we have SO many exciting additions to next year’s Open House. There will be the usual activities: feeding the alpacas, brushing donkeys, horse drawn sled rides, loads of good food and Alpacas of Montana products for purchase, BUT there will also be aKodiak grizzly cub, a mountain lion and a bobcat. Families traveling near and far will experience an unmatched environment as they learn about the fascinating animals we share the earth with and rejoice in person with a community they’ve been missing since the start of COVID-19.

We love our community and appreciate your continued support of Alpacas of Montana. Check out our feature products and don't forget to shop our fall collections! 


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